Kevin Gates is currently serving time, but that has not stopped him from making sure his fans hear new music.

While finishing out his 30 months, Gates has delivered “No Love” and the haters are probably only more upset. This Millz produced single addresses these haters and why Gates no longer associates with certain people. Gates mentions people wanting things from him and his behaving differently because of their ill intentions. Gates also says that he is “still in charge”. Those bars are not going to hold him back. That is clear with the new track too. Kevin Gates is just as raw.

“Do not give a fu** where niggas from, you not the only one who got a gun… nigga grew some nuts and now he clutch, back against the wall while in the clutch… when it’s time for action why you stuck…”

“I survived bit** I know how to die…”

“I will not reside ridin’ for no lame…”

“Niggas want some fame stand on side of Gates…”