Life-long Jersey native, Trav Torch’s latest efforts suggest he may have contemporary R&B in a choke hold being the next R&B sensation out of the tri-state. Starting out as a rapper at the age of 13, Trav always had a passion for R&B music; making his full conversion to R&B in his mid twenties.

A true student of the genre, taking cues from all of the greats, his ability to take human sexuality and transform it from a taboo subject into a topic that everyone should have a voice in, is what makes Trav Torch unique.  Compared to other artists out there, he writes, arranges, and often records and mixes his own material,, and is the owner and creator of his own record label, Cologne & Cognac Entertainment.

On Trav Torch’s current single, “Sex Tape,” he shares with listeners how unforgettable making a Sex Tape with a love interest would be: “It’s gonna be crazy, I know we’re single but tonight you’re my baby,” he sings. The enticing lyrics combined with a catchy hook and hypnotizing beat make this single a must listen. With plans on releasing his first LP entitled “Bachelor Life: Sex & Heartache” in the horizon, he delivers a classic sound, a 90s reminiscent feel.  Trav Torch is bringing passion back to the music with “Sex Tape” .

Take a listen.

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