The satiric Mad Rapper has returned with a street banger for the ages, “T.A.N. – (Thugs and N!gg@z)“, produced by one of the original Bad Boy Hitmen, the captain Deric ‘D-Dot’ Angelettie and Riz Delux.

Featuring Tupac ShakurMad Rapper goes in on the industry and what he sees happening out there in the world.  A tone seldom discussed in today’s Hip Hop, T.A.N. comes as a nostalgic remembrance of what the authenticity of Hip Hop once was; an artform used for self expression, a platform to discuss the oppression of those most involved in black & urban culture; while interchangeably invoking dance and a particular rhythm that was unheard of at its inception in the 1970s.  West Coast rapper, Tupac being one of the many voices of the 90s to popularize and expose that narrative & truth, it is most appropriate to tie him and his memory to it.

Real Hip Hop heads know.

Check out T.A.N. below.