Written by: AyoSash

Post Malone released new song, “Wow” on Christmas Eve. As promised last week on Twitter, he would drop a song before 2019. “New song before the year ends”

Posted on his Instagram account, in the song he expressed being the life of the party, his friendships and money. 

“Hunnid bands in my pocket, it’s all me/Hunnid deep when I roll, like the army/ Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely. It’s a moment when I show up”

Post Malone also acknowledges his new level of success and what his life was like before being an artist. “When I got guap all they all disappeared/ Before I dropped Stoney none of y’all really care / Now they always say, ‘Congratulations,’ to the kid (Kid)/ And this is not a 40 but I’m pourin’ up this shit/ Used to have a lot but now I have more/ Made another hit because I got bored.”

As usual Post Malone always comes through with the bangers to set the tone for what we should expect next.

Click play to listen to “Wow.”