The greatly anticipated M’Ap Boule has arrived and it is clear- Zoey Dollaz is in his bag.

From production to overall vibes, this compilation will have you feeling yourself, motivated to get more money, and ready to call on your inner Beyoncé to put on a show for your man.

The following are quotable lyrics (and thoughts) from the 7-track EP listening experience:

1. “It’s Ok”

This track features A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and addresses haters. People are mad and this song is their response.

“…either way a young nigga gettin’ paid yeah… either way a hater always gonna’ hate yeah…”

Their lifestyles are described with “dracos”, “diamonds”, “day ones”, and cash outs for appearances. This one is dedicated to everyone that said either of them would not make it. Gems are dropped.

“Why I gotta watch a friend more than a enemy, I had to stunt on a nigga that I’m s’posed to stunt wit’…. You was s’posed to be my dog why you hate on me… but I guess it’s okay, my mama told me you would show me yo’ ways…”

Circle check?

2. “Mula”

“Got the remedy yeah”

In this song, Dollaz plays around with the concept of literally cheating on his girl with “mula”.

“I ain’t finna hit no licks no mo… I cheated on my girl wit’ a bit** named Mula, took her to the mall, then I took her to the jeweler…”

“Bit*** I’d rather die on a pile of money than to be in love and be broke… “

He also shows love to his “day ones” and says he thinks “mula” is “cooler”. I think you’re right, Zoey- get paid, young man, get paid.

3. “My Thang”

This track is all about how Zoey Dollaz is doing him- being himself and grinding.

“Yeah you know I do my thang… she know I do my thang… and my bank roll insane…”

Here, he goes a bit deeper into his lifestyle and his ability to attract girls solely using his money.

“Jump out young nigga smellin’ like a mill’, Bit** I had a hundred thousand way befo’ the deal…”

“Don’t leave ya’ bit** ‘round me…”

4. “Oh Yeah Yeah”

This song is the party.  Casey Veggies assists.

“I’m just mobbin’ through… we ain’t leavin’ out the club ’til the Sun up…”

In this song, Dollaz and Veggies are on a mission to have a great night only.

“We just here to fu** the night up… oh yeah yeah…”

5. “Post & Delete”

This track is full of flute. Bass is heavy throughout (as it is in the entire project). Also, Chris Brown makes an appearance. Breezy seems to channel his inner Michael Jackson (the late & legendary) and it’s gratifying. Here, though, Brown and Dollaz ask for discretion.

“We gon’ do this a li’l different, ain’t no touchin’ or no kissin’, when we in public, shorty just listen, I post & delete…”

Dollaz says here that people are just trying to see him out with a woman to say that they are having sex with one another and therefore he says he posts and delete. He also mentions the general fear of men that a woman is only associating with him- dating him- opening up to him- because he has money (like a woman has never made money before)- because he’s “paid”.

That said, the beat’s flute brings to mind snake charming, which only emphasizes the message of the song addressing gold diggers. Chris Brown not only sings, though, he raps.

“What you call a king wit’ a chain- a masterpiece…”

There’s that attitude we’ve come to accept in Hip Hop-that bravado.

“Post & delete… everyone know you a freak…”

6. “One of One”

Future shares his talents on this one.

“Can’t be duplicated… Keep it exclusive for me baby…”

  Again, the bass is strong with this one- booming. It is also identically titled to Tyga’s “One of One”. In my opinion, Tyga’s track sounded too much like Drake’s “One Dance” though.

This Zoey Dollaz single featuring Future is definitively its own. This is for anyone that ever had to work for something and faced doubt from others.

“Don’t give up now…”

“You shoulda’ seen where I come from- you’ll be happy that a nigga made it…”

“I ain’t changin’ I’m just busy…”

7. “Bad Tings”

Future declares this version is the “Richmix” as it begins.

“Am I the only one for you, do I mean everything to you…”

“…I’m wit’ the smoke…”

“Do you drink or do you smoke? Do you take Molly or play wit’ ya nose…”

“Shorty do you got a man… do he take you shoppin’ do he drop them bands…”

This track is sexy and once again full of that bass (consistency). It also features Tory Lanez. Additionally, some drum kicks and electric guitar rifts add to the power of this song to compel you to celebrate yourself with a dance and your “new pretty”. That said, every song has full twerk-ability, in case anyone was wondering.

“Never been wit’ a real one… you a bad ting for real huh…”

“All boss bi***** doin’ boss things…”

Future does his thing with a verse.

“Tell me you the one or just the prototype…”

Shout out to Andre 3000.

“Got rich and I bought the whole block that I grew up on, that’s how you do it…you heavy influenced…rack talk and money talk, she speak it fluent…”

“If I gotta’ sleep is you the photo type…”

There goes that discretion again, ladies. Free game?

As stated in XXL, though, Zoey Dollaz has been reaching more people than ever with his “Bad Tings” single. Now, we can finally experience his full EP. What is your favorite track? Check out a few of the songs below.

I, for one, would say, the Miami native has not disappointed.