A portion of history that the majority of us thought was never going to reoccur has resurfaced since our current Head of State took office in the United States of America. Fascist regimes around the globe have become more vocal and emboldened to irrationally carry out calculated acts of terror that have left innocent civilians dead in numerous countries. Fortunately, the culture we’ve grown to appreciate and become a part of has taken a stance against these incendiaries and this anti-fascism posturing has bled over to streetwear in the form of a limited edition capsule collection curated by the Berlin, Germany-based artist collective known as Live From Earth جماعتي entitled the LFE ‘*united against fascism’ Capsule Collection.

Live From Earth جماعتي [LFE Arabic Translation: My People] began as a DIY artist collective that began in Berlin, Germany when founding members Elias, Lorenz, and Max met at an anti-fascism protest in East Germany in 2015. Since then, Live From Earth has launched a full-fledged record label, curated a collection of DJs to start a crew, and created a merch line with semi-political undertones that now has a devoted fellowship of support. And with the collective’s latest curation is sure to broaden their audience as word begins to spread of their product.

The LFE ‘*united against fascism’ Capsule Collection features a plethora of items including multiple velvet crewneck sweaters complete with white embroidery that reads ‘*united against fascism’ above the right arm form-fitting polyester cuff, graphic t-shirts, and pins.

The “UNITED” crewneck sweater features a multicolor wreath patch located at the left breast of the sweater complete with Arabic calligraphy at the center of the patch in a contrasting white hue. The “SMASH FASCISM” black velvet crewneck features a graphic of a red LFE arrow dismantling a swastika with the same right sleeve embroidery as the alternate sweater. A black t-shirt entitled “FIGHT CLUB” is also featured in the collection and consists of centered text across the chest and a centered graphic on the back of the t-shirt that features more Arabic calligraphy and the silhouettes of two martial artists in action. Lastly, a pin displaying a Polizel authority vehicle on fire closes out the head-turning exclusive collection.

Some Live From Earth جماعتي ‘*united against fascism’ Capsule Collection are available via the collective’s website, here, and could possibly be found on eBay as well.

With that said, is a small clothing collection by an obscure group of artists going to single-handedly end fascism and the current socio-political turmoil we’re in right now at a global level? Of course not, but at least through streetwear and creative minds we can plainly see who our allies are thanks to the help of Live From Earth جماعتي.


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Photos By Live From Earth جماعتي