In three years of rapping, 22-year-old Jackboy has already achieved nearly 100 million YouTube views, 30 million on Soundcloud, and eight figure-streaming at Spotify. Impressive numbers for younger artist, he has became a young staple in the hip hop industry. Born in Haiti and raised in Pompano Beach, Florida, the rapper beams with captivating personality and charisma. He emphasizes the important words, both in conversation and melodic rapping.

Although spirited and youthful, the artist heard on “G To The A,” “Grimace,” and “Not A Clone,” appears wise beyond his years. Best friends with Kodak Black for over a decade, the Sniper Gang/EMPIRE artist just released two albums, JackNDaBox and Lost In My Head. Jackboy has plenty to say when he stopped by TheRapfest.

Staying Creative, letting my mind wander keeps my music in perspective. Nobody really influenced my sound, I don’t like at anybody to model my music after. I feel like that would kill the creativity I am aiming for in my sound. – Jackboy

He is his own artist. When he told me that, my whole perspective on him changed even more. Already holding the Florida native in high regard, his refreshing take on creativity spoke volumes to his artistry. Diversifying his sound recently with Lost In My Head and JackNDaBox, he approached it with a more universal approach. “My fans and other listeners expected me to be totally street with it, however, I changed the narrative,” he said.

He continued with, “blending in ‘street sound’ with more melodic pop and R&B adding more layers to my music. It opens the door for new fans, which I welcome!” Improving his craft, building his network, and growing as a person are big goals of his. It’s something he got from seeing fellow emcee Kodak Black in action.

JackBoy, The Artist Of Florida And A Different Breed

“My relationship with Kodak and the guidance I feel like he gives me goes deeper than him just telling me,” he said passionately. Jackboy continued with “he lets me mess up and I learn from it. However, just seeing his grind from studio preparation, going from event to event, and living his life motivates me to work harder. it’s the unsaid guidance he gives me that I appreciate.”

Deeper into our conversation, we touched upon Florida and what spots I should hit. Places like Wing stop, the shops in Miami, and Disney World came up but one statement from him really caught me attention.

Being from Florida, when you come here, do whatever you want! It’s so much to do and to have fun with. As long as you know who you are as a person, Florida will benefit you!

knowing himself, a natural “street” artist, he continues to showcase growth in his sound overall while maintaining his roots. he aims to make his music accessible to all crowds while keeping his hood on the map. “A couple of methods I use in creating music to touch different crowds is to let ‘the hood’ is me blend in with the sound instead of forcing it to create music that appeals to everybody,” Jackboy told me with excitement.

Using tools such as Instagram live to showcase his vibrant personality and work effort behind the scenes gives his fans a refreshing look at a young artist grinding hard for what he wants. I recommended a eventual documentary about his story, hopefully that can occur but int he meantime, tune into his music and Instagram; Jackboy is a artist for the fans of good music and the people.


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