The Washington Metropolitan Area (DMV), the stopping grounds of many icons such as Dave Chappelle, Kevin Durant, Marvin Gaye, YBN Cordae, Ari Lennox, Martin, Taraji P. Henson, Martin Lawrence, and many more icons; add two more to the list, well budding ones in Ayye Pap and Goofys. Comedians of genuine nature and good charisma, have two totally different styles and personalities but have one thing in common, the ability heal and empower the loves of other people through the gift of making them laugh.

Armed with weapon more powerful than the pen, shield or sword, the two have recently expanded beyond not only their region with their humor but also the reach and amount of ventures the two have pursed. What makes these individuals of the gift of gab super unique is the most simple but rare qualities of current human nature, the confidence to act upon their dreams. Many people speak on what they want to do, few like Goofys or Pap actually have the courage to execute on these ideas. For a better take on the two, below will be two separate sections giving you background on the upcoming sensations.

Ayye Pap

Stamaur ‘Ayye Pap’ Mitchell hails out of Capitol Heights, MD. He’s been doing comedy for 5 years and has gained a large active following on his social media platforms. He enjoys acting and most recently was a part of a film, entitled Aniyah, which recently premiered on Amazon Prime. He gives you comedy raw and uncut. Similar to Mike Epps, Pap punchlines and skits deliverers hilarious banter and a authentic view of real life situations.

According to Pap, it’s a product of his environment. “Based off the environment and family I grew up around had a huge impact on my brand of comedy. Also, the level of humor my colleagues possessed growing up had a huge impact on my comedy.”

His improv has landed him shows at renounced comedy clubs such as; The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and LA Improv and his infamous clips will be seen on the upcoming season of MTV’s Ridiculousness. Pap intends on leaving a mark on the entertainment industry with his versatility, collaborating with larger brands as he continues to broaden his audience. Currently, he’s being featured for dope shows in the Los Angeles region so go ut to a show and prepare to laugh.

Recently, a interesting venture that separates him from his colleagues is is new signature marijuana edible brand Papibles, which clearly uses his monikers in terms of intelligent branding for his products.




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Overall, he’s remains humble in his approach to life because another level to his success is awaiting to be unlocked. In due time, you can see Pap on the biggest stages of the world delivering stomach churning and funny dialogue which captures the harts of fans all over the wold.


Natural creative, Terry ‘Goofy’ Jones, is from Upper Marlboro, MD and he is inspired by comedic legends Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. He enjoys writing jokes, improv, and acting. With a heart of gold, Goofys would love to bring more awareness to youth poverty and depression. To put it frankly, he’s a comedian of great class and goofy culture, in a great way! His take on comedy is to make sure that it’s not only funny but also therapeutic to his audience. Also, that it’s brings people together in harmony and unison. 

In a highlight on him for medium, he states, “laughter has been proven to improve health and a lot of times comedy is taking real life problems and finding light in the situation; so yes I believe it is therapy and a unifier.”

He has performed stand up comedy at legendary clubs, The Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, LA and has sold out several shows within the Washington, DC area.  Featured on MTV’s Sweet 16, Goofy performs excellent as a host and anticipates similar opportunities for larger platforms in his near future. Recently, he was seen on set for a Lil Boosie music video, and has been on a tear on the east coast with multiple shows! 

For details on his comedy February show, check out his Instagram below




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Link in my bio perfect place to get your cheeks

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