lolaShe’s more than just exterior beauty, the Ethiopian queen, Lola Monroe, has a pen game so strong that it strikes fear into those who hate and joy to those who enjoy pure hip hop. Coming off her latest single “Blah Blah” featuring Terrell Britt and  E’s new reality docu-series “The Platinum Life,” following her through the journey of balancing life, family, and the highly anticipated reintroduction of Monroe’s music; Lola has had a grand return into the limelight.

This new single, “Blah Blah,” is a little preview of what’s to come on my upcoming project so be excited! – Lola Monroe on future music

Being more than an artist though, Lola has expanded her brand, tapping into lifestyle/wellness world as well as entrepreneurial ventures. Curating a new online brand based on her new vegan lifestyle change called “Vegan Godd3ss.” The brand focuses on fitness, health, wellness, and holistic living within a vegan lifestyle but not limited to just vegans. She also launched her own culturally inspired Jewelry, clothing, and accessory line titled “Purrsuazions.”

“If the food you eat in unhealthy, than your mind is not right. If your mind is not right, your business and hustle aren’t right,” she express to me enthusiastically. She continued with “thus, this is the reason why I started Vegan Godd3ss. I think it’s important a informative platform to showcase the ‘vegan lifestyle’ as something anybody can get into; not just vegans.”

The transition to Vegan really helped me a lot so I hope my informative platform help others understand the lifestyle.

The Impact Of Ethiopia, Washington D.C., And Los Angeles

Something that intrigued me about Lola Monroe was her heritage and upbringing. Being of Ethiopian descent and being raised in my backyard of D.C., to now being out on the west coast, molded her into a mecca of multiple mindsets and sounds. Now, she is living life in Los Angeles, with her husband, legendary emcee King Los, and their child Brixton Royal Coleman. Being a more seasoned rapper in the industry, her vibe matches the nature of the west coast. “Motherhood, business, and life come so much more natural now, spending time on the west coast makes life seem so much more concise,” Lola said.

The Future

Be on the lookout for Lola to drop so much more music now. With a new perspective on life, she is coming back into the industry full force. For music, she might have a project on the way but in the meantime, stream “Blah Blah.”

I’m excited for everybody to hear my new music! Blah Blah, is only the start. The queen is back and ready to claim the throne!

Look out for Lola Monroe, she’s ready to showcase greatness

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