From the Northern region of Virginia (DMV) to then solidifying his current status in the hoods of Atlanta and New York, Mikey Polo is changing the narrative on how you view trap hip hop. Emo trap, as the young and free emcee puts it, conveys his deep level of emotional intelligence which blends in so eloquently with his melodic lyrical genius.

Here’s a little background on Mikey Polo, following the release of his official mixtape “Slimeworld”, DMV based artist Mikey Polo drops his new single, “PINK.” Polo is absolutely dripped in sauce on “PINK:” aggressive trap drums, eerie keys, and Mikey’s melodic yet rapid-fire cadence. Daring to be tested, Polo is equal parts lyrical authority and fashion icon.

Mikey Polo is closing out the year strong with performances along side lil Tracy, Zillakami, Stunna 4 Vegas, Thouxabanfauni and Quando Rondo with more shows to be announced. Mikey also featured on XXL, Elevator, The source and other publications. Mikey continues to work and plans on releasing 3 more singles before the year ends.

Inspired by his love for anime, living life, and enjoying his mood in the moment, Polo curates music which taps into different avenues of the typical human emotions and mood.

“Music is meant to be a vessel for your own emotion, it’s a tool meant to unify a common feeling among certain people,” Polo told me with much passion! “It’s so exciting and heart warming to see how well received my music is, it makes me more passionate about delivering my emo trap style of music to the world!”

Most men, not just emcees, usually hide their emotions due to the circumstance of the environment they grew up on. They are taught at a young that being emotional is a sign of weakness. For Polo, he embraces having the ability to tap into his emotions while keeping his sense of manhood. Don’t cross his path the wrong way, he will still emotionally make sure that you’ll know that he is from the streets!

Mikey Polo, A Man Of Style And Living Life

Besides from making enthusiastically pleasing and emotionally intelligent music, his unique hair style and fashion sense has drawn praise from fans and critics alike. Polo might have another budding career hitting the run ways of New York and Atlanta fashion weeks with his tall height and dope closet full of vintage clothing.

My style just comes from being in different places throughout my life and my love for anime. Sometimes I view myself as an anime character, the stories and vivid art style inspires me to dress great and to be comfortable with who I am!

Polo, is not only blessed with model type looks but a great and humble soul. As we sat down on his coach, he was so polite and even opened up about what he watches on TV, living with his roommates, and adjusting to New York; which is total opposite from living in Atlanta or the Washington Metropolitan area (I’m speaking from personal experience as I just moved to New York from the DMV).

“New York is so fast paced, it makes me realize what I’m here for,” Mikey said. “So many artists get lost in their purpose here or come here with no purpose. When I touched down in NYC, I hustled and career skyrocketed even more than what it did during my new York days.”

To get a better sense of Mikey’s music, watch his video for Downfall below