As a entrepreneur, you got to understand how to build your team. Not only in terms of business but life. Morals go far! – Ray J

Recently, I got to speak to one of the modern day geniuses of the music industry, Ray J. From captivating fans around the world with classic hit singles to selling a unique pair of glasses that had social media buzzed; Ray J has been a staple in the music industry for decades. Today, he is currently prospering with the #TBTour with Immature, tech companies that are booming, and earning a great amount of money on residuals from his timelessness music.

He has earned the right to have a “ego.” However, out of all the classic moments, he keeps a sense of humility that’s unmatched. “Life and God has a mysterious way of humbling you,” he said. “Everyday, when it comes to this industry and life in general, you always have to reinvent yourself to stay ahead of the game.”

Relevancy, has always been one of the crooners strong points. For a plethora of reasons, Ray J has always been in the news. Being a fan myself, I recently purchased his famous pair of glasses to support. To hear the impact it had from his perspective changed my mindset completely. “Man, look, that’s love,” he said with laughter and joy. “Being a serial inventor, making products that impact people’s lives positively fill my soul with warmth; I’m happy you enjoy my creation.

Be on the lookout, I have my culture shifting creations in store for everybody! – Ray J

Ray JFrom A Young Age, Ray J Held Grace

With his sister Brandy, Ray J was introduced into the entertainment industry at a very young age. From roles on popular shows Sinbad and Moesha, he has always been in the limelight. Wondering to myself, how did he and continues to handles the pressure being in the industry?

“I take it day by day, I’m always reassessing myself and working on improving,” he said. “It’s more than just, ‘let me do this and that will happen,’ you got to be willing to be open to all challenges and take on the lows with the high.” That attitude, hearing it over the phone, put everything in perspective for me.

He lasted a very long time due to his power of thinking long term in a world that carries my phenomenons instantly. Ray J’s endeavors are meant to last forever, not only right now. Even his tour with Immature and his new ventures with his technology companies, Raytroniks Inc. and Raycon Global Inc., he values legacy over the current buzz of life happening.

“Look at life life like this, you can’t look at things to occur instantly, especially in business where life can interject,” Ray said. “It’s has been and will always be the long-term picture, leaving a legacy that not only encompasses the value your brand(s) have but the overall legacy it left and the lives you have impacted.”

With those beautiful words that wrapped up our insightful conversation, I have to shed light on his community outreach, since I feel it doesn’t get enough press. Ray J’s love for humanity shows in his on-going support for breast cancer, education and sports.

He currently sponsors the “Knockout Elite” Basketball team ages 9 to 10 years old in its second year, and his family charity Norwood Kids Foundation. Ray J also strives to act as a model to inspire young entrepreneurs. Seeking to better the careers of young teenagers, Ray J spends time in classrooms and workshops with students to pass along his lessons as an entrepreneur.

Overall, it was a joy speaking to Ray J. He spoke so graciously and he inspired me to reach another level. Glad he tuned into another edition of #LivenTheLifeOf series with me, Livengoodlivin.

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