Straight out of Brooklyn, New York, Reyna Von Chase has been making significant plays with her bright personality, bold integrity, brilliant songwriting, beautiful vocals, and a no-nonsense approach towards life! Miss Von Chase exudes similar energy to a fellow singer and legend, Bobby Brown, in terms of not compromising to the societal status quo and making music that she wants to make. The hustle and bustle the Haitian artist has in pursuing her dream of being the next IT singer showcase a drive few musicians have. She loves to call out issues in society, as her brash nature indicates, by using her music as a weapon of justice, to highlight problems that plague the poor of the world. 

Living the life of Reyna, her best experience is not just making music that makes people feel better but also improves their living situations and adds fuel to the engine that drives her to be an icon. Her latest EP, Color Me Chase highlighted relationships and life issues plaguing both men and women. REYNA VON CHASE, humble and hungry to make a name for herself in music and entertainment, stopped by Livengoodlivin and The Rapfest for a great conversation detailing different parts of her and the life she has lived!

Who are your top musical influences, and why?

I love Chris Brown, Aliyah, Rihanna, Drake, and Tory Lanez! Their combination of music, performing, longevity, versatility, and personality has not only made my life better by hearing them but motivated me to pursue my career by watching them progress in superstars. Also, they can tap into multiple genres and churn out the top ten hits consistently, so from a musical standpoint; I aspire to curate a similar level of artistic genius. 

The young Bobby Brown attitude, up compromising and confident, how did that come about? 

This particular attitude came about because I’m very passionate about my future and making a name for myself, so I have no time or patience for any bullsh*t. Not from family friends or significant others, I have a lot of goals and dreams I want to accomplish. Therefore, I can’t afford anything holding me back.  

What are the things that we don’t know about Reyna Von Chase?

Some things that very few know about me are that I love cleaning, painting art is relaxing for me, and animals have my heart! For cleaning, I’m very obsessed, like EVERYTHING HAS TO BE CLEAN, or I’ll freak out! Looking and painting art pieces give me inspiration towards making music that illustrates different canvases of various walks of life! For animals, like OH MY GOD, they’re so cute! How can people not treat them, right? Anybody who has an issue with the creatures of the world, fight me!  

Explain the influence Haiti has on you? 

Being Haitian gives me a sense of confidence, being that it was the first country/island of the Carribean to get their independence. A lot of other cultures try to belittle us because of the state of the country, which is not the inhabitants’ fault. However, despite how others feel towards Haiti, my country was able to help numerous islands fight for their independence. That speaks excellent lengths about the circumference of strength among us and the good-hearted nature of my people. I’m proud to be Haitian. 

Describe the culture of Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn’s culture, to me, is composed of bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches while blasting hip hop music at the crack of dawn in the morning. Brooklyn is an uncompromising place. You will have to be tough to make it here. Being a hood baby, I’ve seen a lot of sh*ts, good and bad. However, I will only highlight the good, Brooklyn will always have a culture that’s filled with the swag and creativity to make the Reyna Von Chase that is alive and well today!