“Don’t hate on nobody, Don’t wait on nobody.”

Noochie told me while we had a wonderful conversation about him, the DMV, music, and a multitude of other subjects. He is more than just a emcee from the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area; he is the oldest of five siblings, avid fan of R&B music, served as president of his high school senior class, fathered by Oneway Boobe whom he has great love for, and a Grand Theft Auto junkie growing up!

According to Noochie, “Grand Theft Auto opened my eyes to different music genres. It made me look at music in a whole different sort of light”. Listening to Noochie’s music, I can hear the different vocal tones and cadences that the soundtracks of those games would offer. That’s why I had to call him a “lyrical genius”.

What horoscope is he?

He credits being a Gemini as essential to his growth and prowess as a musician. “Tupac, Kendrick, Andre 3000, Kanye, Ice Cube, and Biggie biggie are all Geminis! Understand this bro, we are made for excellence cause you’re also a Gemini! I don’t know what it is but we’re clearly special,” Noochie told me emphatically and it left me thinking; he has a good point. However, while sound tracks and music where really vital in his growth, the “DMV” played the biggest role.

Born in the Southeast section of Washington D.C., and living in various places in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, he has seen every bit of the culture imaginable. Telling me this with the warmest smile on his face, “The DMV is one of a kind. We have our own everything! Sound, style, music, food, mumbo sauce, and mind set. If you attended school in the DMV, it gave you thick skin. Shout out to the DMV, and everybody who came from here”.

The Impact Of The DMV Music On Noochie

As the conversation continued about us growing up in the DMV, we agreed on what was the most popular sound Go-Go, which was founded by pioneer Chuck Brown and seen an evolution into the current bounce beat. “Growing up, I always was around the Go-Go scene,” he paused with the utmost reflective look on his face and continued with “I feel like it planted the seed of musical genius in my head. The different sounds, instruments, and elements influenced how I curate music today”.

As a witness to Go-Go live throughout the years, he got a sense of “showman’s ship” looking at the band members curate music. From picking beats, hearing different instruments, and practicing different vocal pitches; it taught him how to paint visual pictures with audio enhanced verbiage. Go-Go, along with the DMV’s signature sauce, he claims to be “the antidote” for a majority of his problems.


A DMV Style Impact!

Other DMV musicians that have had a great impact on him are Oneway Boobe, Wale,  Phil Ade, the G0-Go band Backyard Band, and Go-Go’s founder Chuck Brown. Some brands he loves to rock while walking his dog and thing about the next “moves” to make are DMV favorites EAT, Hugo Boss, Cash Talk, New Balance, and Nike. We both agreed and laughed that people from the DMV loves to throw on anything “Fly” with some clean new and balances we’re set!

“Honestly, they’re so many DMV clothing brands to name which I want to show love to, so shout out to the whole region for the dope apparel”. – Noochie on DMV Clothing


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The Curation of Music through the mind of Noochie

“John, honestly, with every studio session, I have to be able to go outside to think. It’s hard for my mind to process ‘outside of the walls’ it’s in sometimes,” Noochie told me with great wonder. To Noochie, the studio is a place of therapy and rehabilitation from a life with many struggles. Like a great boxer, Noochie practices with unorthodox methods to create sonically pleasing music such as writing his music outside. Then, finally after his time, he comes in the studio to kill production like Michael Myers in a Halloween flick.

A couple of things apparent in his sound is transparency, and duality in lyrics. He aims to connects with fans he never met before by being a “open, honest, and relatable” Noochie, not anybody else”. The lyrical prowess he attained. However, we both agree that talent can only take you so far. “Once again back to the greats, we feel like we know them just through music. Most people will never meet the person they’re a fan of.

However, just through the discography, you form a spiritual bond or relationship between artist and listener. Without that aspect in your music I don’t think “GOAT” status is possible to reach. For me, until I reach that point in my career, i got to keep moving,” he told me with the biggest smile on his face. Seeing and hearing his words, I got a sense of goosebumps. His love for music is to the point that without it, he has nothing. Noochie and I agreed on his valid point that musical legends are made from their ability to connect with listeners. Making them feel like they need their music to live is crucial to the career of a artist. “Until, I’m able to hit HOV or Kanye anytime to make a track, both GOATS to me, then I got work to do,” Noochie told me with conviction.

“Impacting lives positively makes music great!You don’t even got to know somebody personally to change their life for the better!

noochieAn Artist Of Pop Culture, Traveling, and Business

As our conversation went on , we start to discuss shows and films we loved. Also, we have similar love and influences for popular shows and films such as Money Talks, Zombieland, The Dark Knight, The Hangover, Super Hero Films,  Tarentino flicks, or anything with Samuel L. Jackson in it. Add in The Chapelle Show, The Boondocks, Rick and Morty, Dragon Ball Z, Breaking Bad, Late night Talk shows, and South Park; it’s safe to say Noochie is well versed in pop culture. he even attributes and “sprinkles references from them in his music. “They’re well written, like I aim my music to be”.

Also, another cool thing we talked about were the places that he would love to perform at and expand the DMV culture. “Of course the DMV, it’s home! Los Angeles because of the beautiful women, weed, and weather, no Kendrick,” he said while laughing. “Atlanta because all the black excellence and unity makes it ‘real like Wakanda’. Milwaukee is a sleeper, it’s cool up there! To conclude, Florida because I mess with their culture and people”.

I had to pause and think because this thought pondered in my mind. “Wow Noochie sure has a expansive taste in culture and customs,” so I had to ask him would he ever be interested in making a novel or movie because of his creative genius. “It would be a novel called, Don’t Worry About It. Just keep paying attention to me for the plot and all that. You only get one! Ain’t no sequels. Just flawed or flawless remakes,” he told me with great excitement. So, I understood his point of view because their is only one Noochie!

He’s the only one artist that I know who already has a successful trucking company funding his ascending music career. Furthermore, one with a father named Oneway Boobe, whom he wants freed as soon a possible. There’s only one Noochie who puts on for his loved ones and the DMV!

First and foremost, I’m a firm believer of proving stuff right to yourself first before trying to prove stuff wrong to others. I’m on a mission to be one of the greatest, be able to provide for my loved ones and put my people in better situations.

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