Romeo Lacoste has tattooed the best of the best. Tattoos and people are Romeo’s passions. Odell Beckham Jr, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, and many more big clients are on his resume. Romeo Lacoste success is not built on one day, it’s built on hard work, love for the artistry, and living life. Starting off, he got rejected from every internship and didn’t even had the support of his family. “It’s crazy looking back at the day my mom tried to dissuade me from my passion. She wanted me to work a regular 9-5 and I knew it wasn’t for me,” he said.

Us being both creatives, I related to him on a personal level because of that. Creatives geniuses, to me, like him, are constantly misunderstood. I think it’s because the public doesn’t even know who we are or how we feel. So I had to ask him what is a creative? How do we get people to understand us and gravitate towards us.

Creative genius can be defined as someone who can be original! Some people try to copy successful people and they daily because when you brand yourself, you got to be yourself. Being transparent and honest about your craft will really drive people towards us. – Lacoste on Building yourself as a brand

“My whole life I always seen myself doing something in the arts. Tattooing people is like therapy to me. In my heart it was something I was meant to do. My recent success is just me speaking clientele I wanted to do into existence,” he said and paused briefly. Then he continued with “Finally, I put out positive energy in the world and watched my karma come back to me.” He’s a natural born talent when it comes the creative arts.

He draws inspirations from fellow creatives of all genes and pop culture. “Cartoons, in specific, I analyze and pick their style to apply to my art,” he said. Romeo, can be quite the perfectionist when it comes to the art. Every little detail matters, he refers to Picasso as inspiration for that. According to Lacoste, “different cultures and people inspire me to. Hearing their Stories and look at their art influences some of my best tattoos.”

Romeo Manifest His Own Destiny

Call Romeo the humble manifest(er) of his own destiny. An example of of this is when he recently worked with Odell Beckham Jr. He told his friend who knew the football player that he wanted to work with him. Ironically, the two met through a simple game of bowling via the mutual friend. Odell was looking for new ink and Lacoste was looking to expand his clientele, so the two met and made magic.

He did the tattoo in Los Angeles for the NFL player, Odell Beckham Jr. and Romeo re-created a segment of The Creation of Adam tattoo on his hand; stemming from Michelangelo’s iconic painting, The Creation of Adam.

The inspiration behind the tattoo stems from the Christian Biblical narrative from the Book of Genesis in which God gives life to Adam, the first man. Known for his eye catching style and setting trends, this is a fitting tattoo for Beckham and a great collaboration for Romeo and Beckham, alike.

“Odell is a really chill guy and crazy creative. Besides from being a awesome football player, he is a ultra creative,” he said.


Also, he spoke very highly of Post Malone and the OVO roster well. “Post Malone and Drake have amazing personalities but also wonderful music. Tattooing them, I got to find out the person who they were aside from the music. The true beauty of what I do is find out these stories and seeing how relatable they are to me,” he said joyously. We both joked about his look. He has a “rock star appearance,” similar to that of Adam Levine from Maroon 5. Lacoste is a very down to earth person his biggest joys and moments being a tattoo genius doesn’t come from just famous clients but regular people in general.

Lacoste, A Man Of The People

“Traveling around the world and meeting different people are the favorite aspects of my job. Hearing about their everyday lives and how my work changes their life really motivates me to be a tattoo artist of the people.”

The world is his canvas and Romeo wants to be the tattoo artist people want to connect to. A couple of his goals that we discuss to assist his journey towards that are establishing an original venture for creatives and going to different countries to travel to. “Going to Asia and getting a feel for their art would be life changing. Incorporating some ways to add to my art will boost me career,” he said cheerfully. For the sake of confidentiality, I will not talk about the ideas we curated but I will say Romeo is the new era Picasso when it comes to art.

To separate himself from other tattoo artists, he wants to be their tattoo guru! When he first start, he wish he could’ve told himself that. It could’ve made his process a bit faster and smoother. However, he is grateful and adamant that his journey occurred this way. According to Lacoste, “my journey happened this way because it was mean to happen this way. I’m grateful it ended up this.” As a forward think, Lacoste will always think as positive, as he future is very bright. Keep your eyes on Romeo Lacoste, he’s a play-maker and wonderful creative.


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