Documentaries, books, and other materials used to boost the intellectual acumen of the mind is powerful. I engulf myself in materials to increase not only the value of the content I rap about but also to learn how to maneuver better.

Wise words from my phone conversation with the 17-year old phenom from New York Young Devyn.  The Brooklyn raised and Trinidadian rooted artist can be described as passionate, hungry, and determined to put herself on the map. Similar to the likes of her influences Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, and Meek Mills, Devyn bodies production with classic hip hop lyricism and social reformative content meant to spread the message for a the need of change. She also adds a creative twist by infusing her culture’s native music Soca into her sound which draws rave reviews from critics and fans all over!

Seeing her first hand at the recent Let Out Showcase at SOBs in NYC showed me how amazing her talent really is. She was the only artist who I instantly felt the need to watch. Even with all of the coverage about her on BET, The Source, Sway In The Morning, etc…. couldn’t capture haw talented the young emcee is! Touring the world at a young age, appearing in commercials, and drawing in rave reviews on industry professionals throughout the industry; most people forget that she is not even 18!

She’s just a young girl who has been perfecting her craft of embellished hooks and rhymes on beats since she was born! Being a student in and out the classroom, the young princess of hip hop likes to hang out with friends and just have a good time. Even when she would walk into class and her teachers would applaud her for her work, Devyn stays rooted in her humble nature and is in the classroom to learn.


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On a billboard before I hit Billboard. GOD IS THE GREATEST!🤞🏾🙏🏾

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The Good Heart Of Devyn

Her natural sense of humility, generosity, and willingness to learn warm my heart in ways few subjects I interviewed ever has. Devyn gives me hope that the future of society is bright. Some of my favorite words from her, in reference to her speaking about her roots in Trinidad are “I want to be the it person from Trinidad like how Rihanna is for Barbados, Nicki Minaj is for Queens, Nipsey for Crenshaw, etc……”

“When I performed there, it opened my eyes to the level of need the people of the country have. It doesn’t bode well that poverty levels are high at all. However, I did sense of profound level of happiness from the country that inspires me to persevere and to keep pushing my music. One day, I will be the martyr for Trinidad and help the country prosper!”

Hearing her rave about bringing change to native country left me speechless a bit after we wrapped up are conversation. It left me thinking and inspired to come up with more ways to impact my community more than I even naturally do right now! From my perspective, Devyn’s best gift is the ability to inspire other people to do good for people and chase their dreams the right way.

In her case, it’s using her music and stage presence to bring joy to everybody her has the privilege to watch her do her thing! “The beauty of music is that it gives people a universal platform to share stories of joy, pain, hope, struggle, and prosperity in which people form any background or race can enjoy freely.”

“I my case, I want to inspire people all over the world to look into the issues of society and to help make a change for their community. One example is what Meek does for Philadelphia. Growing up on his music, I was always tuned into him. However, seeing his latest movements in social change for his city and the Black community inspires me to not only make music to impact the culture positively but to be the change I want to see!”

With a good head on her shoulder, a great mind, passion to be the next legend in the long history of hip hop, and a noble heart to serve, Young Devyn embodies what a public figure should be. At 17, she means so much to New York and Trinidad! I’m excited to see the music she puts out in the near future. In her words, “I can’t wait ti share it either! Just know in 2020, Young Devyn is changing the culture with what she has to drop!”

In the meantime, I hyperlinked her Instagram above so follow her to stay tuned into her journey. Also, she has a new track out titled Nobody which you can stream below!