Hip Hop’s international hidden gem.

L’omari is a multitalented artist, songwriter, and influencer rising out of Miami but raised between Doha, Qatar and Toronto, Canada. This lyrical socialite has been honing his musical talents for over ten years and counting. L’omari remembers a time when his older brother would fill the house with the sounds of Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Common which ignited the passion he has for the art of rap he instills into his craft today.


Being raised between Qatar and Canada, L’omari learned English and by the tender age of 13 he began writing lyrics which quickly turned into poetry. By the time he entered high school, L’omari had developed the natural talent for putting on a performance with rapping and had learned how to play both the guitar and the piano. It was in that moment that the multitalented Qatari influencer knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.


L’omari is constantly inspired by the hip-hop lyrical heavyweights that came before him from the legendary bangers he heard on his brother’s playlist to the unforgettable rhymes that were spit from his favorite MC’s like Nas and Wu-Tang Clan decades ago. With that being said though, L’Omari still takes his own style and flows into the booth when laying down his own records when he hits the studio.

L’omari is setting the bar

L’omari made his mark on the music industry in 2018 with his hit single “Glorious,” as a debut on the one year anniversary of a diplomatic crisis that occurred in Qatar, following previous releases such as “Pablo Escobar” and Wonder Why.” As an influencer, he released the record to uplift his people and his country rather than let the siege bring his people down.

When asked about his writing process, L’omari states:I make music based on the real-life situations and experiences that I go through.

The song ‘Glorious’ was more of a patriotic song for my people from Qatar…” “Our king Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani he was known as the glorious. His nickname was ‘glorious.’ So I translated it into English and did a song about it just to do something for my country and people. No one has done that before. During the songwriting process, I made sure to touch a few words to represent us and what we stand for. That generated traction amongst my people. It got people getting emotional when they heard the song.” L’omari said about the song nearly a year later.

Since the release of “Glorious,” L’omari has used his influence and beliefs to continue to move the culture forward and break grounds with his music. L’omari will continue to use his craft of music as a powerful tool, his voice for change, and for the people. As a well rounded artist and influencer, who’s also CEO of BidWin Music Group, LLC and Board Member of the Qatar Music Foundation, L’omari utilizes his talent and passion for music to spread positivity throughout the world with his unique and stylish brand of socially and internationally conscious hip-hop.

Recently the rapper-songwriter has been in the studio non stop cooking up more new music, and plans to drop a series of music back to back soon so stay tuned! The first single set to drop is titled, “BidWin.” The word “Bedouin” means an original Arab from the desert, however he switched up the spelling because all he does is “bid” and “win,” especially in his new stomping grounds of Miami, Florida.

The Takeover.

Staying true to his roots, faith and artistry is what sets L’omari apart. His authenticity accompanied with his talent and work ethic is what has this Hip-Hop star quickly reaching new heights. “BidWin” is set to take over the summer of 2019 as he marries traditional Arabic sounds with contemporary trap triplets then following up with an EP later in the year. Keep an eye out. You will be hearing and seeing a lot more of L’omari as he is quickly rises to stardom with his uplifting and impactful music.

L’omari not only has a captivating single, but pairs it with a stunning new visual installment filled with exotic luxurious cars, inside a waterfront mansion, surrounded by beautiful women. The Qatari artist is doing it like no other when it comes to his visually breathtaking forthcoming music video. Don’t believe me? Check out the exclusive behind the scenes for his “BidWin” music video RIGHT HERE.

As we wait for the official music video to drop, The RapFest had the chance to chop it up with L’omari to get a little more in depth with him and check out what he had to say!


  • How would you describe your musical style?


A mixture of melodies and bars, with a touch trap and hip hop.


  • Who or what influenced you to get into music professionally?


All the wack artists that’s doing it. Had to show the world that good music still exists.


  • Being from Qatar, in what ways have your surroundings shaped your creativity?


From my drip, to my vision, to my creative process. My background has a lot to do with what L’omari stands for. Got the best of both worlds in me and the world is about to get a taste of that.


  • At what age did you begin creating, and in which mediums?


I started really building into this music ever since I wrote my first rhyme which was the age of 13. Started recording my own self on a desktop computer over instrumentals that were poppin’ at that time. After I seen my people’s reaction to my recordings is when I realized that I could really be dope at this whole thing and show them what else I possess. Fast forward years later, I’m doing this on a professional, yet bigger scale.


  • Tell me a little bit about BidWin Music Group? When was it founded? & More


It was founded in 2018, by me and my partner Jonny Sierra. We had the same vision and same goals and started attacking them together ’till we developed a whole professional team that’s apart of this movement now.


  • What was the first album you ever owned/listened to and how did you acquire it?


Not a lot of people know that, but the first album I ever owned was Eminem’s Marshall Mathers EP which I stole from HMV music store at that time. I was young, dumb and in love with music lol.


  • Where do you find your artistic inspiration?


Within myself. Everything I create is based out of a chapter in my life.


  • Do you have anyone that you consider as a mentor?


There’s a lot of OGs that’s around me that always made sure I’m good and spit a good game towards me to always keep me on my toes. Not one specifically but a bunch of real ones.


  • What do you hope to accomplish this year with your music?


International recognition which I am on the edge of. More features, more shows and more projects.  


  • To close out our interview, if you had one message to give to your fans, what would that message be?


I won’t let you down, and you’re gonna be so proud of me. Mark my words when I say I set the bar real high for these new artists and I’m holding my country and ppl on my back.