Long Island has been on the rise musically for a while in the underground scene. One of their representers goes by the name of Villa G.

Gearing up for the release of his newest project Still G, Villa G releases the video to the fresh single titled “Street Life,”

Produced by Long Island producer Beats By Lawrence, Villa & Lawrence take cues from the Pam Grier-starred film Jackie Brown.

In a conversation with The Rapfest, Villa explained the inspiration behind using the film. Villa said, “[It’s] a hood favorite that cats that are older can remember and the young cats could learn about.”

The overall message of “Street Life” is to see your way out. On the outside looking in, many people have a stigma or negative feelings towards the ghettos of America. Villa is showing you that even though it’s not all good, it’s definitely not all bad. Villa said, “If I’m going to tell you how I sold this and that and give the negative side, I have to tell the positive.”

“Street Life” gives you that nostalgic, 90’s hip-hop feel, which is exactly what he’s trying to portray on his upcoming project Still G. Villa said, “Still G is just raw hip hop from the b-boy days. Graffiti, white lines, and the baggy jean music, it’s just me.”

I’m positive you’ll be hearing more on both Villa G and Beats By Lawrence very soon. Be on the lookout for Still G and check out “Street Life” below.