R.I.P. Chinx

On May 17, 2015 the hip hop industry lost a rising star Lionel “Chinx” Pickens. Under the Coke Boys radar, Chinx was a man that successes were cut short due to gun violence. Around 4:00 AM in Queens, police arrived to find Chinx with gunshot wounds to his mid-section. Although his life was tragically cut short, Chinx made such an impact that was noticed as thousands began to mourn his death. By the afternoon of May 17, tributes from began to occur on social media, on radio, TV, in Queens, and more.

Collectively Coke Boys regrouped as an unit and began to release tracks that were in the woodworks. The Long Live Chinx Mixtape hosted by DJ Amazin contained a compilation of Chinx’s musical category and became a documentary to showcase his growth. Since his death his wife Janelli Caceres, the Coke Boys, and Chinx’s family and friends have kept his legacy alive. In the posthumously released video ,On Your Body,Meet Sims helps to express that life after death is where you can find rejoice and Chinx will never be forgotten as he is imprinted on Janelli while leaving his mark on the world.

Before his death, Chinx completed and was celebrating his debut album Welcome To JFK. The album was bittersweet to many fans-both old and new. To many, Welcome To JFK was an album that would shape a superstar, the type of album to really help an artist reach another level in his career. Fans were left with a great body of work that they longed for, but Chinx was no longer here to elevate it or to create more.

The murder of Chinx has yet to be resolved and there are countless theories as to who took his life so early, but one thing is certain: Chinx will never be forgotten.

Watch the Long Live Chinx documentary below.