While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Lonzo Ball recently made statements that caused an uproar in the Hip Hop community.

On September 1st, XXL reported that Lonzo Ball said, “Real hip-hop is Migos and Future”. Ball stated his preference for new Hip Hop in a clip released from the first episode of his new reality TV series. Lonzo Ball took his statements a step further when he said, “Don’t nobody listen to Nas no more”.

Lonzo Ball, the Los Angeles Laker’s Point Guard, appears in this new docu-series with his family. Also, according to The L.A. Times, the show is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions. The first couple of episodes aired August 31st. Additionally, Ball’s parents even produce on the series.

“It’s very easy to produce on the fact that all they’re doing is following us… The story is already there. It’s so organic and so original… Ain’t nobody’s family dynamic like this…”

-Lavar Ball via The L.A. Times

T.I., Lil B, and some of Twitter are not feeling Lonzo Ball’s comments though.

Lil B, apparently, put a curse on Ball and the Lakers. According to Noisey, the Lil B curse has previously kept Kevin Durant & James Harden from championship wins. T.I. responded implying that Lonzo Ball made the comments because he was high on drugs.

Additionally, Twitter suggests that 19-year old Lonzo will never be traded to a team in Nas’s hometown of New York, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

To top it all off, Nas’ Manager shared that Nas mentioned he does not even know who Ball is. According to XXL, Nas’ manager also manages Future & DJ Esco.

“Nas has never heard of you and Future thanks you for your support… That Oatmeal face n*gga thinks he can gain off my guys name before winning a game. I don’t care what team you play for. Family first.”

-Anthony Saleh via XXL
Well, Ball In The Family has barely aired and it is already making quite a name for itself. Who all saw the first couple of episodes? How do you all feel about Lonzo Ball’s statements?
Regardless, no one can ever discredit Nas’ contributions to Hip Hop culture.