Right now, Hip Hop constitutes about half of the top 10 songs of Bill Board’s Hot 100 chart.

The top of Bill Board’s Hot 100 chart is, as expected, littered with many of Hip Hop’s favorites. Hip Hop is still currently the most consumed genre of music after all.

DJ Khaled appears in the top 10 of this chart more than any of the other Artists though. “Wild Thoughts” is currently number two on the chart. While, “I’m The One” is currently number 10 on the chart. This track in particular debuted at number. “I’m The One“, also has been on the Hot 100 chart for only fifteen weeks. Further, “Wild Thoughts” has been on the Hot 100 chart for eight weeks with a peak position of 2nd place.

The highest-charting songs within the Hot 100 also include Cardi B. and Bruno Mars. For one, Cardi B.’s “Bodack Yellow (Money Moves)” is currently owning the number eight spot on the chart. She also has been recognized as the highest-charting female Hip Hop Artist since Nicki Minaj so shout out to her! These two (Cardi B. & Nicki Minaj) have also been publicly supporting one another which is great to see in a world of Hip Hop beefs.

Additionally, Bruno Mars is holding down the number 7 spot on Bill Board’s Hot 100. This lively single has been on the chart for 30 weeks with a peak position of the number one ranking.

On top of all this, “Unforgettable” is still in the number 3 position after being on the Hot 100 chart for 18 weeks.

That said- let’s show love to these Hip Hop & R&B Artists continuing to use their voices, and unique perspectives, to charge the culture! What songs were you expecting to see at the top of Bill Board’s Hot 100 this week that aren’t there?