It’s take a while to get to the top. Most people looking from the outside think it’s an overnight story. Sacrifices are an everyday thing when you are chasing your dreams. Being an artist isn’t even considered a dream anymore. When you do music these days you have to be known for more than music. People have to like you first before they listen to your music. It’s just the times we live in with music. With people able to create a do it your self studio in your room. Everyone and their mother can do music. It’s a good and bad thing, maybe why so much trash music is out now days. You now how so many small town cities making noise. Because of the internet and do it your self motto with music. Artist are now making a dream reality. Much like Dublin, Ga artist Lord D’Andre $mith. He didn’t cut any corners, he stayed down and stayed true. Not so many artist are worth the time and energy to support. Lord D’Andre $mith asked for nothing and made a way. By staying consistent with releases and making sure he delivers official videos. His time is now after being featured on SayCheeseTV and going viral off Atlanta’s Future sending him a DM on Instagram.

Lord D’Andre $mith fights back with “13een”. The new project from Dublin, Ga superstar. This 13 track project is double-sided. Dark side and light side. Pretty impressive, Lord has a vision and he’s working on his branding each day. The project feel like he took his time putting these records together. It’s something you can vibe to and just let it ride. It’s a mood and “13een” may just be the new wave. With labels reaching out asking about Lord D’Andre $mith. Atlantic Records is always looking for the next big thing. Which label do you think, should sign Lord D’Andre $mith?