Lord D’Andre $mith is very interesting. For his age he’s very mature. He’s focused and has his eyes on the prize. He’s self-made and is showing his city of Dublin which is a small city in Georgia. His sound is major and Lord D’Andre $mith writing skills is next level. It’s been a long road for him. These past 3 years were all artist development. From being in a group to now becoming a solo rising super star. He’s always had the lingo and delivery with his flow. Now the melodies are pouring through his veins. He recently dropped his long-awaited project “13een”. The momentum for the project was perfect timing. Lord D’Andre $mith caught a buzz from a situation with the super Future. The Atlanta rapper Future actually send Lord D’Andre $mith an DM Via Instagram. Lord D’Andre mentioned Future in a post on twitter about blogs comparing his sound to Future. All this sounds funny but it’s a true story. Future sorta check the rising star and let’s him know don’t mention his name. From their Lord D’Andre went viral. The post landed on SayCheeseTV and the rest is history. Lord D’Andre $mith dropped a music video to his record “C’mon”. The video showed a fake version of Future being kidnapped. This pissed a lot of people off and the clip went viral on IG.

With so much IG interactions going on. Lord D’Andre has stood the test of delivering hot music. He’s back and better than every. He has dropped another lit visual for his record “oKKK”. This one may be it for him. It’s getting good attention and interaction via Instagram. Lord D’Andre $mith is claiming he’s going broke. And the reason why he’s going broke is from making his latest project “13een”. Now this is entertaining and he’s taking a risk. Honestly it’s a risk that’s paying off. How many rappers willing to be this honest with the world? In his video for “oKKK” Lord D’Andre is caught asking for 13 dollars. With an odd number to ask for…He has a hole in his sock and man he’s sleeping on a bench. We got to give this guy some support. Right now he’s doing a few shows and catching features. But with Lord D’Andre $mith having a god gifted talent. I believe he’ll be signing with a label soon. With Alamo, Atlantic Record, 300 Entertainment, and more looking for young rising talent. Best believe Lord D’Andre $mith is ready to negotiate.