Houston, TX is not a playground. It’s a tough city to come out of. On top of that it’s not to many helping hands. The streets can take you out before reaching 21. A lot of greats have came out of Houston. You have Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Scarface and more. There is a way to leave the city in a positive way. The state of Texas is so huge you can go platinum without leaving the state. Even though it’s a lot of people, doesn’t mean it plenty of support. The network and outlets in Texas aren’t to structured or strong. Most Texas artist are looking to leave the city and set up shop else where.

Artist LoSmoothe is coming out of Houston. He’s bringing a new approach to it. LoSmoothe is rocking with the ladies heavy and ready to entertain that audience. Slowing it down and giving his attention to the number consumers of music. Females, they come to your shows and buy artist merchandise the most. LoSmoothe wants to make sure his presentation is smooth. Maybe that’s why Smooth is in his name. When he steps out, he moves proper. You only have one shot to present yourself. Reality is, in life you are judged by many and carried by few.

LoSmoothe has a new visual for his record “Body”. The record did great numbers via Spotify and it features Kirko Bangz. With the record getting so much attention. LoSmoothe just had to do a video for it. And yes, Kirko Bangz is in the video. This is not top class, elite branding from LoSmoothe. The video has plenty of ladies in it. Fancy foreign whips and of course the crib is super fly. You can try to hate but your lady will be rocking to it. LoSmoothe and Kirko Bangz take over a mansion filled with ladies. Good vibes and good drinks in the air to this one. Check it out below!