Written By: Autumn Myers

We’ve seen news coverage on the aftermath and devastation that local Bahamians are facing after Hurricane Dorian. It has been quoted that over $7 million dollars worth of damage has been done to the island. A call to action for help and assistance has been made in order for these victims to receive shelter, food, and freshwater. Rapper and Actor, Ludacris stepped up and took action to make sure he did his part in providing assistance. The Grammy winning artist announced that all proceeds from his annual Labor Day event, “Luda Day” will be donated to the victims. To everyone’s surprise, this year they raised $100,000 to donate to the people of the Bahamas. 

The annual weekend is created to fund charities to represent social service and responsibility. The Money raised from the weekend typically goes towards The Ludacris Foundation and other charities benefiting children. Other major corporations such as Disney and Royal Carribean have also stepped up to donate to those in need as well. help and donated much-needed funds for the victims. 

In Grand Bahama, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship dropped off 10,000 meals, 10,000 water bottles and more than 180 generators as well as diapers and flashlights. Cheers to those with a heart like Ludacris and we hope to see the citizens of the islands seeing better days soon.


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