According to HipHopNMore, Lupe Fiasco has been in a bit of a battle with his label, Atlantic Records. Furthermore, Lupe apparently took to Twitter to speak on the situation.

Also, as previously stated here on RAPFEST, Lupe Fiasco confessed that he had not been doing his best on his music. He said that this lack of effort stemmed from these issues with the label.

However, in the face of said challenges, Lupe Fiasco has released “Coulda Been”.
Lupe Fiasco

“Coulda Been” from Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco tweeted the release- calling it “New Vintage”- on May 12th.

Lupe Fiasco releases “Coulda Been” link on Twitter



This song explores the difference Hip Hop has made in his life. Fiasco vividly reflects on the different paths he could be on if he had never started to rap.

“If I wasn’t rappin’ I probably be wrestlin’
Hand to hand grapplin’ on the corner of Madison
Or real-estating, tryna sell you a mansion
Or rollerblading doing 360 flat spins
Or I’d probably be flipping the burger
Attempting a murder paralyzed sippin’ on Gerber
I could be working at jewels, chain snatching
Jerking your jewels, homeless working for food”

– Lupe Fiasco via Hot New Hip Hop

Also, RapUp states that this release follows the release of about three other tracks. These tracks include “Kneelin’ On Needles” and “Drogas Light”.  “Kneelin’ On Needles” honors Colin Kaepernick according to Hype Beast.

On top of that, HipHopNMore states that “Coulda Been” is a re-release of an ’07 Lupe track. Here it is:


However, you can stream “Coulda Been” on Rap Up to hear the new funkier production. How are the loyal Lupe fans feeling right now though? Do you feel that Lupe re-releasing old music is unfair to fans (even with tweaked production)? How do you feel an Artist should handle a label refusing to release their music while still holding that Artist to a contract? Does witnessing an Artist stick up for the art against a major label as Fiasco has been inspire you not to compromise your own creative liberty? Lupe Fiasco’s struggle with Atlantic Records seems to go back as far as 2010.

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