Many people who are aspiring to be great have the desire of leaving their job to pursue their passion full-time. There’s only one problem: many don’t have the guts to do it.

For Boston emcee Lyric Jones, that’s not the case. Last year, she left her 9-to-5 to pursue rocking the mic in LA full-time. Since then, she’s rocked the nation-wide “Ski Mask Way” tour with Rah Digga (that she booked entirely by herself), bodied Sway’s Doomsday Cypher, and took her talents to Prague to shut down the Hip Hop Kemp Festival.

To celebrate this monumental year, Jonesy dropped a banger titled “Got Bills.”

Produced by Dre Phantom, she pens the thoughts that ran through her mind the day she quit her job. To get everything, sometimes you have to risk everything. That’s exactly what she did.

Jones said, “This one is for the courageous folks who took that leap of faith.” Let this jam be an inspiration to many who are working hard for their dream, with the omnipresent bills in the way. Check it out below.