The majority of people in the world have dreams of doing what they love for living. Some want to play sports, become politicians, or even do music full-time. We think about these passions all the time, but are slowed down by a 9-5 day job.

Boston emcee Lyric Jones, now residing in sunny Los Angeles, portrays this ongoing struggle all too well in her latest video “Got Bills.”

Directed by Jones and ShootersClubLA, Jones spits about the hardships of living your passion, all while driving an Uber– the life of many independent artists looking for more.

2017 was a big year professionally for Jones. She made cameos in videos for TLC and Faith Evans, performed in Prague for the Hip Hop Kemp Festival, and even headed a national tour with the legendary Rah Digga. With all of those accomplishments, she still has to fight the good fight to live out her passion.

When you walk out on faith, it can get very scary. The fear of the unknown is always there. When asked about the biggest fear she had after taking that step, Jones told The Rapfest “My biggest fear was losing my apartment.”

We all want to chuck the deuce to our jobs to do what we really want to do in life. The difference between Jones and other people is that she had the guts to do so. When you bet on yourself, you have no choice but to go out and get what’s yours.

Be on the lookout for anything and everything Lyric Jones in 2018. At this pace, those bills might be a small thing to worry about for her in the future.