Boston emcee Lyric Jones has been living in sunny California for a minute. It’s still the first quarter of the year, and she can choose if she wants to wear a jacket or not. Must be nice.

A car crash that she suffered earlier this year could’ve put a lot of things to a halt for her, but she’s still putting out content.

Jones recently dropped the newest visual to her Mike S-produced joint “Lush Lux Life,” where you can see her really living out her raps.

Directed by Jones and Chad A. Marshall, you can see her living the good life poolside and enjoying the night life, opposite of her her last video, “Got Bills.”

She paints a picture that’s extremely vivid, one that can make anybody aspire to live the lifestyle:

Studio apt
Van nuys
Blink ya eyes, then catch me in the arts district
Sky rise
First class
Ski miles, fuck lines
6 days a week fine dining
They say it’s all timing

2018 is still looking good for Jones. After all of her accomplishments last year, let’s see if she can top it. Check out “Lush Lux Life” below, and be on the lookout for a new project.