The story of Kalief Browder is a tragic one and his story has reached more people with the recently released docu-series produced by Jay Z and TIME.

Kalief Browder was a young man from the Bronx who was arrested at the age of 16 for an alleged robbery of a book bag. This led to him being imprisoned for three years without any conviction. After being released from Rikers in 2013 all chargers were dropped but Kalief tragically committed suicide two years later at the age of 22.

Maino was moved by the story and could personally relate to it himself so he released his new single “The Ghost Of Kalief Browder” which is dedicated to Kalief and those who have had similar experiences. Listen to the emotional single below.

I realize everyone won’t be able to relate to this one. But this story, His story really hit home for me. I watched the documentary and It brought back so many memories of Pain and loss. Suffering and Hopelessness. You see like Kalief, I too was incarcerated at 16 years old and walked the same corridors and lived in the same housing Units as he did. I also spent years in solitary confinement. Everyday I realize that I am blessed to have made it past those circumstances and to be free, continuously striving. But everybody is affected differently, and i guess he wasn’t able to continue his path any longer. Some people will never know wut it is to have their liberty taken from them. To live in a cell for 23 hrs a day for months and months. To be fed thru a food slot. To try to keep hope in a hopeless environment. Trying to feel alive in a dead place. Man!!! I was so moved by this story it inspired me. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Kalief Browders. And for them I made this. Salute. Stay strong. Stay alive #TheGhostOfKaliefBrowder