Your Majesty Dot comes from the outskirts of Atlanta. When people say Georgia they instantly think Atlanta. But it’s so many different cities in Georgia. Columbus, Ga is one of those cities that get slept on. It’s plenty of talent coming out of Columbus, Ga. Places like that are easier to gain attention than coming to a big city like Atlanta. It’s a smaller market but they will support if you give them a reason to support. Not to many rappers have made it to the major league coming from Columbus. I believe all of that will be changing soon. Introducing Your Majesty dot. His style is versatile and he is a dope all around artist. He’s a lyricist at heart but he can also dumb it down for radio and club support.

Your Majesty Dot is a name that will catch your attention. Yes, it’s really an artist with a name like that. He has a new visual that’s gaining much attention. It’s called “Up” and is pretty entertaining. By the looks of the video, it shows nothing but fun. No guns, no drugs, just straight positive vibes. The record is about living it up. Not putting your head down and just letting go. The video shows Your Majesty Dot in the studio putting in work. Hanging with all over his friends. Music runs through his veins. Then after the work at the studio. Your Majesty Dot and the crew take over the club. Kicks it and lives life up to the fullest. Sounds like the perfect night to me. Check out this visual below.