If you have ever caught your friend grabbing you by the shoulder and caused you to lean from left to right, then you definitely have been swag surfing. 9 years later, dynamic trio F.L.Y of hit single “Swag Surfin” is still played at almost every house party, HBCU pep rally, and club to date. The group consists of McFli, Mook, Vee all origin of Georgia. McFli and Vee used to be in a group together and performed many places. They graduated college and met Mook and combined the group. The group went through independent music labels, but now they are creating music on their own. Easton who is also a member of F.L.Y label/collective, created the 1st verse of Swag Surfin.

Do it all, be seen. Be on the streets and do not be afraid to socialize and make those appearances.

8 years has brought many changes but F.L.Y learned to take it in their own control and hustle more. They are motivated by having the industry so tough and to make progress 24/7 even when you are not motivated. Over the past few months, “It’s Whatever” single released. In the near future, they have a few projects to drop.


Post by Brian Lamont