Two-time NBA Champion Mario Chambers earlier this week stop by the Scoop B Radio Podcast to discuss a variety of topics, which includes hobbies of the court and different hats he collected over the years.


The 32 made his return to the NBA after sitting out the 2016-2017 due to a torn Achilles. Last season Chambers was a member of the Memphis Grizzlies, but now he is currently an unrestricted free agent. Meaning he has the option to re-sign with the Grizzlies or go else. Recently, Chambers was seen working out with his former Heat teammate Dwyane Wade’s Snapchat.

Scoop B. dropped the hint that maybe they will end up teaming up in Miami again. We will have to see how free agency plays out this summer. They were also spotted getting some work in with David Alexander’s gym DBC Fitness, in Miami. This insisting because he was LeBron James’ trainer for three years when he played in Miami.  Maybe its a sign that all three might reunite in South Florida you decide.

Dwyane Wade made his return to Miami after spending a year and a half with the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers before being traded back to Miami during the deadline last season.

Anyway back to Mario Chambers, he appeared on Scoop B Radio Podcast. The host Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson asked what does Chambers do in his downtime?

I’m definitely a gamer,” Mario Chalmers told the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“Right before I called you, I was playing Madden. Right after I get off the phone, I’ll probably go and play a little Call of Duty. So I’m always on the videos games, always doing that. I like to shoot pool. I like to watch movies. Those are the main things I like to do in my spare time.”

He stated that he is also a hat collector

“I have top three teams that I’m always wearing,” he said. “One is Carolina Panthers, and it used to be Miami Heat. I always had a Miami Heat hat [when I played for the team], and my third one is; I gotta wear my [Kansas] Jayhawk hat. You know I always gotta have my college down.”

The Full interview with Mario Chambers and  the Scoop B Radio can be seen here