Looking exactly the same from his early 2000 days, singer Mario returns with his visual for his latest single “Let Me Help You”.  On some dancehall vibes and a beach setting, Mario released the track back in December off his expected Paradise Cove project, moving forward with his new independent label, New Citizen.

Mario is always willing to do something nice for the ladies.

Exiting the water in a wetsuit to find a pretty girl in need of some help out of a seemingly bad relationship, here he goes again, in open arms, ready to help.  Directed by Mario and Meg Gamez, the video switches from the beach to a steamy individual shower scene, then to the club where Mario finally get’s his chance to help baby girl to a smile, and a few other things.

Check out Mario’s “Let Me Help You”.

Let us know your thoughts.  With little to no R&B guys on the roster, is there room for Mario to fully come back?