Written By: Autumn Myers

We have good news for all of you honorary citizens of Wakanda. Ryan Coogler (“Black Panther” Director) and Marvel just made the epic announcement that we should expect to see the return of the popular franchise. The news first broke at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 along with other Marvel announcements post “Avengers: Endgame.” Although the official release date was announced at D23 this previous weekend, we can expect to see the return of our favorite prince & warrior, on May 6, 2022. 

The news came with mass anticipation since it will be the furthest released film from Phase 4. What we do know is that we can expect a new villain, a new title, but T’Challa will still be there kicking ass in his high powered vibranium suit. 

For those who are worried about if the sequel can match the debut movies, don’t worry! Coogler said the team is “taking their time with it” to get it right. Black Panther broke records in 2018 when the movie grossed $700 million domestically and $1.3 billion worldwide. The film also received raving reviews and seven academy award nominations, including “Best Picture.” Which was a first for the academy awards to nominate a Marvel movie. 

All we know is, if Shuri is in the lab cooking up some new tech and Okoye is giving high-intensity kicks, we know that this movie is worth the much-needed anticipation. 

Take a look at the announcement below.

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