After being incarcerated for several months pending 3 firearm charges, Maryland’s most valuable rookie Travy Nostra has been released from jail. A gang indictment was executed where 8 firearms were found inside 2 separate residences belonging to him and his fellow artist known as Squeak. Travy subsequently pleads guilty to the 3 guns that were found inside his residence and accepted a time served plea.  Before he went away he left us with quite the plethora of music, from his best Mixtape to date entitled Rap Game Nostra 2 to the new visuals he gave us just enough to hold us over until his return.

Upon his return, he is already gearing up to flood us with new music. Travy just released a snippet of a new video entitled Mars shot by Larryflynt & produced by WhyStrapz which looks like it may be his breakout hit. Nostra is also hinting a new EP entitled Case Closed which should be one of his most epic & anticipated bodies of work. Nostra has posted multiple videos inside the studio meaning we should be getting a lot of new music very very soon. Safe to say we can consider him being jailed as a minor setback for a major comeback. We got a chance to actually talk to the Maryland heavy hitter for a few minutes where he told us that he wrote 3 mixtapes while incarcerated, he’s definitely going to end the year off with a bang.

Welcome home Travy Nostra, the streets needed you back.