Token is a young & talented emcee from Salem, Massachusetts, most notably known for his 6 minute freestyle on Sway in the Morning, with a huge die hard fanbase and a positive message. On Wednesday, November 8th, he added shutting down the legendary stage of SOB’s to his list of accomplishments.

But before his headlining show at SOB’s for his international tour, I wasn’t sure who Token was, honestly. From the first song to the last he was able to catch my complete attention and leave me wanting to hear his whole discography. From his delivery, the crowd , and the message behind many of his songs you can tell that Token is a very special artist and he proved it in every way when he hit the SOB stage. It only took him 2 songs to get clapped out by his very supportive fan base; from the first to the last song he had them singing along, word for word.

What caught my attention the most was the diversity in the crowd, all ages and races came out to support Token. He not only prides himself on the people who he is able to bring together, but he is proud of the positive message he represents and shares with his fans.  Blessing his new fans with his newer tracks and held his older fans down with some throwback performances as well.

And just when everyone thought the show was over, popular radio host Sway blessed the stage to demand a recreation of Token’s world famous freestyle on “Sway In The Morning”, which he was all too delighted to do. The two went from the stage to the crowd, the energy in the room was like something I had never seen before. A great performer and an even better artist, with this tour and his very impressive show at SOB’s was just an early glimpse of his superstar level talent to come.

And upon the winding down of the show, we sat down with Token for a quick chat about tour life and a few other things, check it out below.

1. Is this your first International tour? 

I’ve toured the US, Europe, and Canada with Hopsin. This my first headline tour, though.

2. Favorite city? 

I mean, I’m biased. My favorite city to perform is definitely home, Massachusetts. The energy when I rock in front of my home state is just unmatched. Other than that, shows in Europe are always insane. They embraced me before a lot of others did.

3. Stops you are looking forward to? 

London. London sold out the quickest. I’ve never sold out anything; it was in less than a day. I know the energy is going to be crazy just for that type of love.

4. What’s your favorite song to perform? 

“Little Boy”, for sure. It was like it was made to perform. Definitely the highlight.

5. Have you been to Paris before or will your first time be on tour?

I’ve been to Paris before. Actually was one of my first shows out of Mass. I had this video blow up in France and

Switzerland when I was 17, so I did some shows over there. It was a turning point in my career for sure. That Paris show was my first festival too. 

6. Did you think of bringing anyone with you? Another artist?

I️ got my homie Du Karan opening up in last few shows of the tour. That’s what he could do. I️ like to keep it home based as much as possible. I️ feel like I️ got a real tight connection with my fans. Sometimes it’s weird for me to watch others rock in front of them (laughter). Like they cheating on me or some sh–. But if an artist is dope enough, I’m with it.

7. Have any bigger named artists from the cities you have been to come out to see you? 

I’m not the one to go out and try to make a bunch of friends in the Industry. A lot of ’em are weirdos. But Futuristic came through in Arizona. I️ brought out Sway in NYC. Just some people I’ve known for a while.

8. What do you look forward to after tour? 

Creating. I️ feel like I’m the most inspired I’ve ever been right now. So much new life to talk about and be motivated by. Being young while all this is happening, I️ experience a lot of new sh– for the first time on the road. It’s kinda crazy, but it’s a beautiful thing. I️ can’t wait to go home and just think about everything I’ve been through on this tour. Gonna vibe out in the studio and just see what naturally happens. 

9. Do you have any projects dropping before the end of the year? 

No projects. Probably some new music though. Got a ton of new music coming. Next level sh–. New energies I’m excited about.

10. Where did you get the inspiration for your latest song “Little Boy”?

“Little Boy” is just me excited about everything new that’s happening in my life. Been working outta my home studio since I was 10, I’m 19 now and after touring the world, it’s crazy how much has changed since then. I’m realizing I’m not that little boy anymore. That’s where the inspiration came from.

11. Recently Mark Walberg said you were his new favorite rapper, what’s your favorite movie of his? 

Probably “The Departed” or “The Fighter”. Classics. He killed that sh–.

12. Do you have anything else that you want the fans to know?

Just wanna thank everybody for following the story I’m trying to tell. Doing this tour, I got to meet so many of y’all and I’m really starting to understand how strong we can get on our own. I’m super excited to keep building this sh–, and the music is only getting more creative. This just the beginning. Everyone who is following me, I️ want y’all to know that. Let’s do this !!!


You can check out Token on soundcloud and on Twitter. You can also watch his latest video “Little Boy” on YouTube which is sitting comfortably at 900k + views.