Matt Demon is staying true to his audience. Catchy flows and staying true to subject matter. He’s not looking to sound like every other soundcloud rapper. Matt Demon is putting together something that’s hard to copy. Being original is not easy to find these days. Not to worry about what your IG followers are thinking about your craft. Matt Demon lets the music flow through his veins. The passion comes through his delivery when he raps. You can tell, he really means what he says. Matt Demon puts his personal thoughts and emotions into his music.

Matt Demon latest record “Count Money” has a bounce to it. The beat carries the record big time. Once you hear Matt Demon flow on the verse. You’ll understand how he starts to pop off like ak-47. Understand, he rode the beat like a pro. He has his delivery to work on and improve. But you can hear the potential is there. The timing and delivery will come with time and staying consistent. This is the time to get hip and watch an artist show progress. He’s hungry to see what the world thinks of his music. This is an exclusive from Matt Demon. The record has a dark vibe to it. With a little of that emo twist to it. Matt Demon is flossing on his haters on this one. He’s flexed up to the max and not slowing down. It’s only the start for Matt Demon. Only time will tell where his career and brand will land. He gives you that college aura once you hear his music. It may just be perfect timing with school being back in. Let us know your thoughts on this record. Should we dig it or dish it. It’s so many artist out there. It’s hard to know what’s dope or not now days. It’s all based off popularity.