New wave Medolic Hip-hop artist Mauie The King Jr. represents a growing culture of independent (DIY) artists from Atlanta, GA. He blends a mix of “funkadelic” inspirations and fashion-driven imagery. Finding a lot of his Inspiration in old-school funk music such as “Munchies for your love” by Boosie Collins, and his all-time favorite Andre 3000, specifically “A day in the life of Benjamin Andre”. This shifted flow is Single handly emerging an undefined sound in Atlanta.

Beginning his career in 2013, Mauie debuted his first project, Mixed Feelings, where he was able to really toy with sounds that weren’t as popular at the time, as his fan base began to grow he decided to He released 2 projects thereafter: Humble Beginnings (2015) and Going Out For Wings (2016). Each of which has done exceptionally well, allowing him to really craft an original sound. When asked about his creative process Maui mentions “ I don’t just see lyrics, I see an entire scenario, because of this I usually don’t write, I just go to the booth and try things”

With such a growing fan base Maui decided to close 2017 on a high note by releasing The visual to his Andre 3000 Vibrate” sampled single “Vibe”, when asked why Andre he states

“I always wanted to create a song sampled from “The Love Below”. It’s my favorite album and Andre 3000 is my favorite artist. About 2 years ago I had a producer named Folo who already made a beat sampling vibrate. I heard the beat.. and the rest is history. I sat on the record for two years before I shot the video.”

The video depicts a day in the life of an “ATLien” Mauie The King Jr. and his significant other Keypsiia Gipp. They live a very unconventional lifestyle in somewhat of a “Pod”, imagine Atlanta not as a city in the state of Georgia but a planet similar to avatar filled with different customs and views.where he “ the ATLien” leads his tribe., through a series tribal drum solos and melodic tones,
it’s definitely a Vibe…

What’s next:
“I’ll be dropping my new project MOOD in January and pushing a new single off the project entitled “OK Kool” with a feature from Atlanta’s own Big Ben.”