Written by: Brian Lamont

With a 90s bounce, charismatic vibe, Maurice Moore is a talented artist from Canada working with artists Kehlani, H.E.R, Justin Skye, and Marques Houston just to name a few. Among viral hits like, “The Loudest Silence” has earned over 16 million Spotify streams and “C’est La Vie” racked up over 4 million streams. Moving from Canada to Los Angeles, he learned the music industry is not as strong in LA, but he took advice from artist Kehlani to “place your ego to the side and trust people around you. Meaning you have to build a solid team.”


2016 fan favorite single “The Loudest Silence” was derived from a heart break and expression of exactly how Maurice felt. The song went viral without any promotion, visual, or media press. Maurice’s new EP, “Destination Unknown” features seven songs with an organic and progressive sound. When asked “What are some lessons you learned in this project?” He states: “I learned how to be comfortable with uncertainty and while going through this project was like therapy.”

‘Destination Unknown’ is deeply personal for me. It’s a change of pace from some of my previous work, taking the opportunity to heal my own wounds through my music; intentionally telling my personal stories & walking my fans through the unknown and uncharted territories with me

Destination Unknown

Gravity (Intro)

Cherry Bomb

Destination Unknown

One Night Stand

Cut Me Loose

Pass On By (Interlude)

Slide On Me

Fans have been very supportive. Maurice connects with his thousands of fans through social media, concerts, and answers his own DM. Maurice Moore states: “A lot of artists forget that the fans are how they climbed to fame. I am appreciative of my fans to the utmost high”. When he is not doing music, he is maintaining self-care by meditating, reading books, and hanging with family.

In the near future, he plans to work on another EP and tour dates will be released soon.

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