West coast legend MC Eiht teamed up with another legend in WC and DJ Premier for their brand new record “Represent Like This.” MC Eiht has always been a staple figure from the West coast, especially for the rap scene. Some may recognize him from Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d. city” song off of K Dot’s debit album. If not from there then you’ll definitely recognize him as A-Wax from the classic film Menace II Society.

MC Eiht is currently putting the finishing touches on his 13th solo album titled Which Way Iz West and it will be executive produced by DJ Premier. It will also feature some other Cali legends such as Kurupt, The Outlawz, Compton’s Most Wanted and Xzibit. Produced by Brenk Sinatra, “Represent Like This” captures a hard hitting instrumental provided by some raw Westside lyrical slaughter.

Check out the video below.