Meek Mill has found himself in some more trouble, possibly landing him back in jail.

After an incident with an employee at the St. Louis International Airport yesterday (Wednesday, March 15), the Philly rapper was reportedly issued assault charges.

According to TMZ, a fan (airport employee) was trying to acquire a photo with the rapper, however was rejected and apparently brushed off in a sort of demeaning manner, where he proceeded to ask Meek why he treats his fans “like that” when they are the ones who support him.  Card commented on how celebrities (Meek) act like they are too good to speak, triggering a fight where the employee declared that he was then aggressively approached by one of Meek’s entourage leading to not only an exchange of words but also an exchange of hands.

The airport employee (Justin Card) who said he was just trying to show love, is asserting to self defense as he claimed to have felt threatened when being charged after by Meek and his crew, when he and his cousin, De’Angelo Webb, who also worked at the airport jumped in.  Both employees, Card and Webb have since been let go from their positions at the airport.

And while the employee and another, as well as Meek all received charges and were summoned to appear in court in lieu of their arrests, this could actually lead to an even bigger problem for the “All Eyes On Me” rapper due to him already being on probation for a drug and weapons conviction.

Lessons to control our tempers.