The city of Houston thought it’d be necessary to add a sprinkle of Philly to their lives. According to TMZ, Houston, TX declared Feb. 24 as “Meek Mill Day.”
Meek Mill graced the southern grounds this past weekend when he performed at Houston’s Revention Music Center. He later announced his honor via Instagram with the caption, “Life is a roller coaster.”
TMZ reports the award was linked to Meek’s ongoing advocacy for prison reform. The 31-year-old rapper previously has run ins with the law and even received a two- to four – year prison sentence in 2017 for violating his probation. The Philadelphia rapper overcame that hurdle when he was released from prison is 2018 due to the case being highly criticized, labeling it unjust, this includes the nationwide protests in his offense.
His stop in Houston this weekend included a visit to Harris County Juvenile Probation Department where he spoke to a group of boys about his “life struggles and encouraged the group to make the right choices”
“I wanted to be the smart kid who makes all the right decisions,” Meek stated. “If you want to go to the penitentiary and live that life, do that. But if you want to be somebody and you don’t want to fall victim to that—because we’ve got millions of people who look like us that have done that already—then listen to the voice and make the right choices at the right time.”
Meek is definitely a poster child for success and deserves all that comes his way. Meek can be found spreading his testimony on his ‘Motivation Tour.’