As you may know, over the weekend for his birthday Meek dropped a 3 track mixtape called Meekend.  On two of the three tracks, Meek has some interesting bars that could be directed at a particular rapper who had bars for him in the past.There has been speculation that Drake was sending shots at a couple of people on his last album playlist More Life including Meek Mill.  In the song Nothing into Somethings he says “n***as tried to serve me up a cheesesteak, I sent them back a clean plate.”.  That was clearly a shot towards the Philly rapper because along with many claims to fame, Philadelphia is famous for the cheesesteak.  He also said in the same song “Tell yo big homie I’m all for going there again.” which could be a slight to either Rick Ross or Jay-Z.  Either way, Meek jabbed back this past weekend.

As Meek brought to light in the summer of 2015, Drake allegedly has had ghost writers.  So he took another shot at that by saying “Maybe I’ll say if I rap and I lie.  Maybe I’ll sell if I let n***as write it.”.  He also said “Look at the credits it’ll tell you who wrote it”.

Even in the song Left Hollywood he threw one more shot in there saying “Where I’m from if you turn eighteen then that’s More Life” obviously slighting Drakes latest project.  The real question is how long will both of these rappers continue to go back and forth?  Either way it sounds like Meek is back on his gritty stuff.  You can listen to all 3 songs below and see for yourself.