Written by: Hadiya Cambridge

The art of rap has no limitations including age, and with the “new wave” taking hip-hop by storm, artists are perfecting their craft as early as teenagers. This also goes for 17-years old BabyBoySlimee born Amani Rosa, who is adamant on making his rap dream a long-term career. The humble teen was born in Queens, NY but was raised in West Palm Beach, FL in which he currently represents. In a recent interview, Slimee opened up about his hometown, his musical influences and of course, his love of Hip-Hop.
Find out who BabyBoySlimee is and what he plans to do in the future in this exclusive interview below:
You flew all the way here from Florida, do you often come to NYC for musical promotions/ projects? 
  • “Yea of course! I mean whatever I have lined up, I come here and I knock them out ASAP.”
 Can you  ever see yourself moving back to New York and being a NY based artist or are you always going to represent Florida? 
  • “I’m always going to represent Florida. I mean, I was born out here in Queens but I left when I was 2-years old and was raised in Florida so I’m always going to represent Florida. West Palm Beach for life!”
 How would you describe your sound as an artist? And how would you differentiate yourself from all the other “new-age” artists with similar sounds? 
  • “Well, I’m only 17-years old and I’m very humble. I really can’t compare my music to anyone else. But I like the ‘melodic’ and the ‘My ladies’ type of sounds, but I can also speak for the streets as well. Plus I have my father with me all the time and he used to rap back in the day as well so I try to stay different from the other mumble rappers and try to speak some type of truth and tell a story in my music. So that’s how I’m able to stay true to my sound and style of music.”
 Who would you say was your biggest musical inspiration growing up?
  • “I would say Young Thug in the beginning, that’s how I got the Slimee in my name – and then eventually it was Kodak and A.Boogie and all the melodic rappers, and how my music is inspired by.”
 When you say your name “Slime” was inspired by Young Thug, what exactly do you mean? 
  • “Uh yeah– at first it was ASG which stood for Amani Slimee Gang and slime to me was like “bro” or “homeboy” or my “Slimee” and Young Thug was embracing that when he first started. So when I had got a call from Def Jam, we started looking for marketable rap names and Amani Slimee wasn’t it so we tried to go a different route. People say I have a baby face, and I was always the youngest out the camp so I thought BabyBoySlimee would fit and I just always kept the slime part and it just worked.”
What are you going to do when you don’t have a baby face anymore? Are you going to just go by ‘Slimee’? 
  • “Nah, I think I’m going to stay BabyBoySlimee for the rest of my rap career.”
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and Why?
  • “A.Boogie, for sure. Because both of us got this rare sound and I just can’t wait for that day to come. It’s unexplainable, but I just know it, and feel it.”
 What about school? Do you plan on finishing in spite of your career? 
  • “Yeah of course, I made that promise to mom. This is my last year so I plan on graduating and I’m going to make it happen.”
 What does your support system look like? Are your parents supportive of your career? 
  • “My dad actually left to go back to Florida today, but otherwise he’s always with me 25/8. I also have other support, like my other family members who handle my merchandise and other stuff like that. Everybody has their own role in this mission and I’m grateful because it’s my family, you know, not strangers who I hired and they can’t do me wrong. My family will never do me wrong.”
 What are your inspirations when writing your lyrics?
  •  “I’ll say things I’ve been through growing up, for sure. Things my friends have been through or things that I have seen. From relationships, to the streets, just everything. Whatever beat it’s thrown on and the beat speaks for itself so if the beat speaks pain, I’m going to rap pain, if the beat speaks love, then I’m going to rap about love.”
 Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next 5 years? 
  • “I feel like I’ll be in a good position hopefully. Under God and through hard work, I want to be something bigger than I am now, because I’m nowhere near it yet, but I’m working towards it. But in the next five years, I hope to touch that surface.”
BabyBoySlimee can be followed on Instagram @babyboyslimee and ALL his recent music below.