New York has always been known for its gritty style of rap but in the last few years, there has been a drastic shift in sound and style. Due to the Internet, that we are in artists are being influenced by music and styles far beyond the five boroughs. Despite the change in sound and style, the grittiness of the traditional New York emcee still remains intact, giving birth to a new wave of artists. From this Tally Bands, The Orchard/Sony Music’s premiere artist was born.

Tally Bands, who hails from the Bronx grew up in the borough’s notorious Soundview and Throggs Neck neighborhoods. Since a very young age, he has been into music which kicked off with his love for drums. It wasn’t until he heard Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP that rapping finally came into play.

“I heard him (Eminem) talking mad shit about his moms. I never knew my pops, so I said hey I’m going to do that but towards my pops. So, I started making raps dissing my pops and that’s how I started getting into rap.”
Relying heavily on melodies, some of the music has an uplifting appeal but with a deeper dive, the darker undertones become more apparent. Expressing his life through art, the subject matter ranges from lost love, fake friends, depression and much more. With that said, in the grand scheme, Tally’s music has a very wide appeal. After one quick listen to the unreleased material, it’s clear that there is truth to his description of his sound being “gangsta shit you can hear on z100.”
“I could tell you about all my old school influences but they really wouldn’t resonate with what I’m doing now. So, I would say Lil Wayne, XXXTENTACION may he rest in peace, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Dolph. Those are the kind of styles that I’m listening to right now and that really help make my sound.”
In both conversation and in music, Tally Bands is very vocal about his struggles with mental health and the effect it has had on his life. Having spent the better part of his life battling depression and anxiety, music has served as a coping mechanism for the upstart artist.
“Usually things I can’t really put into words, I can speak onto a beat. There’s not a lot of people I can talk to about certain problems I’m going through because they won’t understand or get it, and they won’t have really any answers for me. So, if I can find a way to speak my mind through lyrics, I make it happen like that.”
After being tucked in away in the studio for most of 2018, Tally Bands released his official debut single ‘H.I.A.D. (How I Ain’t Die)’ in September. The track was well received, having been added to rotation at mix show radio across the country, making its rounds in the club scene as well as amassing over 200k streams thus far on Spotify alone. Despite the jitters associated with releasing a debut single, Tally is grateful for the amount of love the song has received.
“Honestly, I was a little scared and shaky, I wasn’t sure if people were going to like it. The turnaround was crazy. It made me feel like damn I need to learn a thing or two about my own songs because if it was up to me I would have said:  Nah that ain’t it, don’t put this one out. I’m just glad it got the feedback that it did.”
Just last week, he released the music video for his follow-up single “FRNDS.” Added to rotation at BET Jams, the visual is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic ‘Last Supper’ painting. Produced by Reazy Renegade (Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa), the song found Tally taking a different approach, not only showcasing his melody but also his lyrical side.
“I was just basically doing some punchlines and metaphors here and there through melody. I feel like there’s not a lot of people can do that, and since I’m able to do that I wanted to show people that versatility.”
Having been thrust into the conversation of emerging artists in his native New York City as well as digitally, Tally Bands is looking to up the ante in 2019, doubling down the successes of his first two releases. Keep an eye for the Bronx native in the coming year as he is ready to stake his claim as Hip Hop’s next breakout star.
“Always remember my music isn’t always going to be for everybody, but if you don’t like one song you’ll be able to find a song that you do like because I’m a very versatile artist.”
Check out his debut “H.I.A.D. (How I Ain’t Die),” along with the visual for “FRNDS” below.