Female rappers have never gotten the same attention as there male counterparts, but that is slowly beginning to change. Last year female rap was starting to bubble with new artists popping up left and right each with a voice of there own. Now the pot has officially begun to boil over and we are officially in the year of the femcee. Cardi B may be leading the way but there is a crop of female rappers coming from all over. Whether you’re familiar with their names or not they have been making noise such as Tierra Whack, Kash Doll, Maliibu Miitch, Rico Nasty, Leikeli47, NONAME, and Cupcakke just to name a few and there are more popping up each day.

Now let’s take a trip to Dallas, Texas a city that hasn’t really been known to produce rappers like it’s sister city Houston but more recently has been pumping out some serious talent. Now I don’t know about you but personally, I don’t know any female rappers hailing from Dallas. Well, that’s about to change, enter: Erica Banks.

Erica Banks is brand new to the game but her skill set is way beyond her age. The 20-year-old rapper has only been rapping for only 10 months dropping her first song “Blow Up” back in November but writing is something that has always come to her naturally. Coming from a poetry background it was an easy transition for her to start making music and it shows. In less than a year’s time, Erica has gone from fairly unknown to creating a buzz and building a fanbase that is continuously growing. Following up a handful of singles in 2018 she released her anticipated debut EP Art Of The Hustle in March and since it’s release it has been highly praised.She even has a received co-signs from DaBaby, popular Dallas videographer Halfpint Filmz, TrapboyFreddy and many more. Along with that, she has also been dubbed the “Hardest female rapper in Dallas” by Halfpint Filmz a title that should not go overlooked. If you don’t agree one listen to her music will change your mind. With her debut EP out now and another one on the way, Erica Banks is quietly making a name for herself. You may not be familiar with her now but it’s time to get acquainted with the hardest female rapper in Dallas!

I had the opportunity to speak with Erica about her transition into making music, Art of The Hustle, being dubbed the “Hardest Female rapper in Dallas” and much more. Check out the interview below along with the premiere of her official video”Want It” featuring East Chain’s own Michael Aristotle.

You came out the gate on fire. What was your inspiration to start rapping?

  • When I was younger when I was in middle school and like high school I was a real big on poetry. Poetry was a big thing for me so I was always into writing. When I got older and I got to college the poetry eventually turned into music. So I was inspired of course by the poetry and also seeing other female artists in my city and seeing the legends we have now do it.

How was the transition from poetry to rapping? Was it a easy transition for you?

  • It was breezy unexpected but it was breezy. Like I said I really didn’t transition until I got older which is kind of expected because as a child writing music might not be the biggest thing on your mind. As I got older I started to listen to music more. It was like it was bound to happen, it was a fun experience and a great experience and I’m glad it turned into music because we are here.

You just released your first project Art Of The Hustle how has the reception been so far?

  • It’s been more then I expected. I wasn’t sure what people were going to think of it because it’s so versatile. You have a couple of songs that are more upbeat, then you have a couple that are slow a little bit more emotional. So I wasn’t sure how people were going to react, it was my first project but people love it. I’m getting tagged all day every day, people are wanting more visuals and I’m actually shooting one out here tomorrow that I’m excited about. It’s so crazy no people even tell me “I tell my mom about your music and she loves it” and I’m like oh my god your mom listens to me.

How does it feel to be dubbed “the hardest female rapper in Dallas”? Do you feel any sort of pressure?

  • Actually, no I don’t feel any pressure. I think, myself that I am the hardest so for people to believe that with me is crazy. I can’t really explain how that feels. It’s kind of unexplainable. There are other local artists in my city and for people to label me “the hardest” it’s a little bit overwhelming but it is a great feeling.

You recently opened for Key Glock? What was that experience like and was that your first time performing?

  • That was experience was crazy because I had never been in front of such a big crowd before. It wasn’t my first show, it was maybe like my fifth performance but it was my first big show. The energy was there, the crowd loved me and you have to think these are probably people who have never seen me before. So to get the energy and feedback from them was crazy and I really enjoyed myself.

If you had to choose one song to introduce yourself to someone what song would it be and why?

  • That one song would have to be “Talk My Shit.” That’s actually my favorite song, first of all, but in that song, I’m really just talking my shit. I’m giving you Erica Banks, I’m really giving you who I am, I’m telling you how I feel about myself, and what I’m going to do and how I do things. It’s one of those songs you can’t really deny when it comes on. You’re going to know it’s me and you are going to like it.

What can we expect from you for the rest of this year?

  • Another project of course. I’m dropping my second EP June 19th it’s called ‘Pressure.’ I don’t want to say too much on that but I am excited about it. It’s a little different from my first EP, it’s a little bit more aggressive. I’m thinking this one is going to be a lot more fun. So definitely new music, new visuals, and bigger and better things.