The self-made Real Estate mogul turned successful Investor looks to transition to the music industry. Queens native, Henry Ike always loved the idea of property ownership and dreamed of one day achieving that. Although this is what separated him from most teens by this age his willingness to fulfill that dream was in full effect. By the age 17, he worked part-time after school at Sears, as a Sales Representative. His passion and zeal were quickly recognized and he received an award for Best Sales Person. However, for Ike, this was just the start.  By age of 18, he saved enough to obtain his Real Estate license and worked alongside a few major players in the Jamaica, New York real estate market, six months in Ike was able to purchase his first property, flip it to further hone his skills. At 20, Ike was far beyond those his age owning multiple properties, starting his first company, Ike Homes, Ltd. and quickly becoming a leader in the New York Real estate investment circuit. But for Ike, his journey has always been more than money. As he began to rise and gain wealth beyond anything he could have dreamed he decided to pause and go back to school. His goal was to begin to foster the discipline and structure necessary to better serve his community. After graduating from The State University of New York at Old Westbury he immediately attended St. John’s University for his Masters in Government and Politics. This zest for knowledge lead to a new appreciation for the community but most important reform. Since his graduation, Ike has been instrumental in multiple positive reforms to his hometown of Jamaica, Queens. One of his most notable contributions has been the creation of his Real Estate investment company “Circle Fine Homes,” where he’s been instrumental in financing the start of many local businesses and providing them with timeless business strategies to succeed in this competitive market. Though in recent years Henry has made a major shift, using music as a way to express himself and tell his story. On this journey, Ike quickly realized that there are many artists on this same path except with fewer resources and financial backing. It was then that he saw an opportunity to combine his love for music and knowledge of the business. Starting his own label YSM Entertainment, (Young Self Made) were he looks to support talented new artist who are looking for the right team.

It’s safe to say Ike has become a living image of what it looks like to really stick true to your dreams, manifest those visions and support others.

You can read and learn more about his story in his book, Rising Above The Struggle Through Chaos below: