Since the creation of the label in 2013 Quality Control Music quietly climbed the ranks as one of the top indie labels and has gone on to shift the rap game and become one of the most impactful labels coming out of Atlanta. The label has fostered new talent and has curated a roster of some of the hottest young rappers in the game and this year they have been flooding the game with so much new music it’s hard to keep up. The home of the Migos, Lil Baby, Lil Yatchy and more continue to sign some of the hottest artists in the game whether your familiar with them or not. There most recent signing Jordan Hollywood is no different.

The multi-talented 25-year-old rapper is the labels latest signee and maybe one of the rap games best-kept secrets. Born and raised in Broward County the same place that birthed Kodak Black, Smokepurrp, Lil Pump, the late XXXTENTACION and more, Jordan is redefining the meaning of genre blending. The rap game is nothing new for the rising talent who has been making music since he was 15 and has been gaining momentum since releasing his first official song online. His music is dark, mysterious, is a mix between Rap and R&B and pulls from Jordan’s many life experiences. His songwriting is incredible, something that came naturally to him and was his initial introduction into the game and also how he made a name for himself throughout the industry. He has earned writing credits for Jason Derulo, French Montana and more and has spent time ghostwriting for a number of rappers.

Now the Broward County representer is focused on making himself a star. In 2016 he released his debut album Sorry For The Wait which displayed his knack for engineering, singing, rapping and his uncanny songwriting ability. To date, the project has amassed over 4 million streams on Soundcloud and over 6 million on Spotify and birthed his biggest hit to date “Trill Shit.” With the ink dry on his new deal with Quality Control Music Jordan is ready to elevate his career to the next level. With co-signs from Yo Gotti, Jason Derulo, and many more Jordan Hollywood is poised to cement his place in hip-hop. With his self-engineered new EP ‘Finally’ out today which boasts features from Lil Baby and Ronny J, Jordan Hollywood’s takeover starts now.

I had to the opportunity to speak with Jordan and discuss his introduction to music, signing with QC, his new EP Finally, songwriting and much more. Check out the interview below along with Finally and get familiar with the rising Broward County star.

You have been making music for about 10 years already. When did you realize this is something you wanted to put your all into?

  • I realized it when I was 12. That’s all I wanted to do since then and that’s all I been doing, sh*ts been crazy. Since I first started till now that’s all I do every day is make music.

What’s the first song that you remember actually recording?

  • Nah not really, but I remember the first real song that I put out though. It was this song called “Check Me Out,” I was fifteen. It was my first actual song that had a hook and a verse.

Even though you were releasing your own content you started making a name for yourself as a songwriter. How did you get into songwriting and when did you realize that it something you were good at?

  • Songwriting, really, I was chasing the bag bro. I chase bags, but it’s different now I have more respect for myself and my art. I just don’t be writing songs for anybody, I’m not into that anymore. I can’t just be giving the sauce out to everybody so I stopped doing that sh*t, but in about 2015 when I really was like I can make money doing this songwriting sh*t. I was doing it, I was running it up and it was working and it was fire but it really wasn’t making me happy. So I’m on my artist sh*t right now.

Is that why you decided to step away from songwriting and focus on making your own music?

  • I was just tired of hearing other people spit my sh*t and get fans from it and be lit from it and I’m just chilling. I hated it, that sh*t didn’t make me feel happy. I still like to write but I have to f*ck with you, we have to have a connection, I got to be a fan of you. I used to just go in and work with whoever who was ready to cut that check.

If singing, rapping, and songwriting weren’t enough you also produce and engineer. How did you pick that up in between writing for others and working on your own stuff?

  • I don’t got no time to wait for nobody bro. Especially when you first get into music everybody got all the excuses, you ain’t got no beats, you ain’t got no engineer, you ain’t go no studio. You just got to take sh*t into your own hands, I didn’t have anybody to record me. I started rapping when I was fifteen how the f*ck was I supposed to find an engineer, ain’t no fifteen years old around me knew how to engineer. I had to buy my own sh*t, I bought my own studio equipment, I just taught myself. Took me about 3 or 4 months to learn Pro-Tools then that was it from there. Now I record all my own sh*t, I don’t really f*ck with engineers. I get my sh*t mixed, but I record all my own sh*t.

In 2016 you released your debut project Sorry For This and your gearing up to release your new EP Finally. What has changed from then till now and how did you approach this EP compared to Sorry For This?

  • When I did ‘Sorry For This’ I was in a weird place mentally. It was just alot of different emotions. I got my first real big check like 6 or 7 months before recording ‘Sorry For This.’ I was living in LA going crazy. I had just found Smash David, who is the producer that did all the records on ‘Sorry For This.’ It was just new vibes, new sounds, experimental sh*t. I wasn’t making music like ‘Sorry For This’ before that album. It just all happened based on feelings I was having and what Smash was bringing to the table.‘Finally’ is more like, I’m living my life, I’m busy, I got a lot of sh*t going on, I’m bossed up now. I’m in a different mind state, I’m having more fun now, I’m happier now than I ever been. I got my own studio at the crib, I got my own facility studio 15 mintues away from the crib. I be in LA, Atlanta, I be in different studios, the big studios, the little studios it don’t matter. ‘Sorry For This’ I was confined to one studio, it was almost like a depressing vibe. Just the homies around no other creatives around me. Now I’m having more fun, I’m f*cking with more people, I’m expanding the sound, I got different production, it’s crazy.

In March you inked a deal with QC. Can you tell me how that came about and how has your experience there been so far?

  • That sh*t came about because I needed management. I’m the type of person that every move is strategic and around that time I had everyone calling me. Everyone wanted to manage me, all the labels wanted to sit down. I just had this mysterious buzz in the industry and everyone wanted to know about me. I’m one of those anti-industry guys and QC was the only company that I just felt like wasn’t that. It’s industry, you getting everything you need from the labels but it’s just completely different, I just knew it. This all I do is music, if you in this industry, if your an artist, a producer, a manager whatever you are, you just know QC, that’s what it is. Since I been signed there the sh*t has been life-changing.

Your very hands-on with your videos and work closely with longtime director and your videos are very cinematic. Can you tell me a little bit about how you got into co-directing and your choice of visuals?

  • The kid that I had found since the first video I ever shot and shot my last video. He is one of those film kids, he looks up to Steven Speilberg, he’s just one of those nerdy film guys. From day one we were trying to make movies, we were failing like crazy but we just kept going. The same way the music elevated he just grew with me. My name being Jordan Hollywood we don’t ever want to forget that so we always try to keep that Hollywood sh*t going. I feel like the best way to do that and describe who I am as an artist is through the visuals, by being cinematic, everything got to be a movie. It’s crazy “Let Me Find Out” featuring Lil Baby, that vide is completely left field from everything else that we’re doing. We want to fit the music, that’s just how it is. It’s always going to be a movie but based on what the song is. Whether we in the hood shooting a video with a bunch of girls it’s always going to be a movie.

If you had to introduce yourself to someone with a song. What would it be and why?

  • That’s crazy because I think about that sh*t all the time. You know when you walk into a studio, your working with someone for the first time, it’s always like what song do I play. With me, it all depends on the vibe. If we are in the studio with a bunch of girls I’m going for one of those records. Crowd control no matter where you at, whether you’re on stage, you in the studio, you in a meeting, I just become a DJ at that point. That’s the most important thing to and a lot of artists lack that. That’s how you get on when you get in that room no matter who you with, whether you with a producer a record label or an artist when you plug that aux cord in and you hit that space bar bro you better go crazy. It comes a time when you get in that room and you plug in that aux and nothing else in the world matters but the music. None of the clout chasing, none of the gimmicks, all that sh*t over once you plug in that aux cord and your sitting down in a room full of real creatives. A lot of motherf*ckers walk in and have their manager plug up in play like what are you doing.

With you’re Finally EP out now what else do you have plan for the rest of the year?

  • I have a record label as well called The Wasted Youth. I got a producer named SkipOnDaBeat me and Smash David manage him together. He’s incredible, his first placement was “Skrt Skrt” for Kodak Black. He got four placements on Kodak’s ‘Project Baby 2’ and we have hell of sh*t in the pipeline. I got this other named IV she’s incredible we got the whole industry going crazy for her. Besides my sh*t we working on that sh*t at the same time. We building up artist I got a couple other artist signed to major labels that are under my company. We just having fun, we making moves and we just trying to be legendary. We going to shoot some more visuals, I’m trying to shoot a video for every song on the EP. I’m just staying busy bro, I wake up every morning that’s all I do, so for the rest of the year I’m just grinding and try to see my family more I got to do a better job at being a normal person, I’m an artist 24/7.

What do you think about Broward County’s current music scene?

Broward County music scene is unlike anything else in the world we the most poppin city in music for up n coming artist. Everybody in the city getting record deals right now just saying you from Broward county makes your value go up. It’s incredible we came along way. Shout Out Kodak Black and the Great XXX they brought light to Broward.

Is there anything you would like to add?

  • Stay down till you come up!