With DaBaby making noise all over the world North Carolina has eyes on it more then ever. Besides DaBaby, J. Cole, Rapsody, Petey Pablo, Little Brother and Deniro Farrar there hasn’t been many rappers to break out of the state and make an impact. That is beginning to slowly change though and I believe in the next few months we will see more acts from North Carolina getting bigger publicity. One artist whose name you will probably start hearing soon is FattSosa.

FattSosa hails from Angier, North Carolina a town with a mere population of only 4,000 people. What sets FatSosa apart from a lot of other rappers is that he is an R&B singer turned rapper. While many of these new rappers mix melodies into their raps, FattSosa was born to sing. So much so that he has won R&B Artist of the year for North Carolina for 3 years in a row at the Carolina Music Awards. On one track he’s bringing you to the trap and the next he’s seducing your girlfriend. The way he is able to blend R&B with the grittiness of Trap music is unique and it sounds like your listening to a rapping Jaheim or Jagged Edge.

Just last month he released his debut self-titled EP which shows off his versatility with songs like “Down” and “Selling Dope” which are from two different sides of the spectrum musically. I recently spoke with the FattSosa about his debut EP, his influences, transitioning to rapping, what’s next and much more. With support from coming from all over and two projects in the cut, it’s going to be an exciting year for FattSosa.

So you rap and you sing. Which one did you start doing first?

  • Singing

When did rapping come into play for you?

  • I used to freestyle in high school, like in little rap battles. I could always freestyle but as far as getting in the studio in rapping I was horrible. I could always sing though I used to sing in the choir in church.

Being that you rap and you sing what were some of your musical influences growing up?

  • My mom had 7-8 brothers so I grew up in the era when Biggie and Puffy were taking over, so Biggie is my favorite rapper. I like a lot of East Coast rappers AZ, Big L, Nas, Jay-Z of course.

What made you start sprinkling rap into your music? Was there a turning point or someone that pushed you?

  • I always wanted to rap but I would never do it. So once I really started doing music like 3-4 years ago, I started rapping a little bit. I did one freestyle to “Perky’s Callin” and I did “Ain’t Enough Weed In The Backwood” and it was fire. Then I did R Kelly “When A Women’s Fed Up” but I remixed it to “How The Fu*k Did You Get My Phone Number” on some trap sh*t. I come from the streets, I’m an R&B singer but if you saw me or how I dressed or how I moved you would think I was a rapper. I’m 6’4, 324, tattoos, braids you wouldn’t think I was an R&B singer. So once I transitioned into that I changed my name because my name used to be Pooh Bear when I was doing strictly R&B. So I’m like damn I’m grown as hell now I can’t go by Pooh Bear. Everybody in my hood used to call me Wop Sosa, so I took the Wop off because that’s Gucci and added the “Fatt” because I’m a big, fat, fly n*gga and that’s when I transitioned to doing both.

At first, did you feel it difficult to transition into rapping at first?

  • Just thinking about it yeah, until I started doing it. I didn’t know if the people would except the music because the people who knew me or did know me knew me as an R&B singer.

You just released your self-titled debut EP. What was the creative process like and did you find it difficult to narrow it down to 6 tracks?

  • This is the first project I put out on my own. My brother was telling me we gotta drop something, so I was going back and forth between Atlanta and Charlotte. I did those songs in about 30 day period. I did two in Atlanta, I did two in Charlotte, and I did one Raleigh and the “Sellin Dope” record I did three years ago. It was actually going to go on my album that I’m coming out next year with Gucci Mane, Cam’ron, Young Scooter and a list of others. It’s called ‘Two Sides Of Every Story.’ It consists of 6 R&B tracks and 6 trap records. That’s what I was going to put out first, but we were like nah we got Gucci on there, so we had to give something to the people real quick so we put the EP together.

Why did you decide not to hold on to the “Sellin Dope” record?

  • It had three years and we were trying to hold it and I talked to my PR he was like look we got this record right here so we might as well put it out and see how people react to it because we had to put something out. Moneybagg Yo a dope artist, he’s moving heavy, and we already had the video shot so it made sense to put it out.

How has the reaction been so far? Is it what you expected?

  • Hell Nah, I promise you, bro, it’s not what I expected at all. It’s doing better than I thought. Like I said this is my first project. I had singles out, not no worldwide thing, but I had a single out that did pretty good back in 08! That’s how long it’s been. A couple of people posted, Ralo, Big Bank Black, Cam’ron, Black Youngsta, YFN Lucci, Peewee Longway. A lot of people showed love. I can’t believe it.

Being from a town of 4,000 people I can’t imagine how that feels

  • That’s another thing to bro, I’m not even going to cap from where we from we celebrities bro. Not even from that town but Raleigh, North Carolina which is the capital. We own a club out here so, really we like celebrities to the whole North Carolina. Being from Angier and seeing people posting it and seeing it on XM radio and it’s playing all over the world and just coming from where we from, no one has never done nothing coming from where I’m from, ever! That’s why I always shoot my videos, in Angier and I know I’m going to have to stop. I shot my video with Rich Boy in Angier, my video with Jim Jones in Angier, my video with Moneybagg Yo. I be wanting to show my town that these are people we see that we don’t think we are never going to see in life. Now that I’m on a platform where I’m meeting these people and getting personal relationships with them and I can bring them to my hood. You don’t know how big that is, especially the name I got, trouble maker, won’t be anything, kicked out of school.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

  • I got a project coming out called ‘Two Sides Of Every Story’ then I’m going to drop an R&B album February 14th called ‘FattSosa Heartbreak’ that’s going to consist of all R&B. Then I’m going to drop another tape ‘Sos Tapes’ that’s all trap then we going to go back to the basics again with half and half. I got like 20-30 videos shot that I haven’t released yet and 2-3k songs and I got 40-50 of them mixed, mastered and ready to go.