There is a new wave of rappers coming out of LA which include the collective Shoreline Mafia (Ohgeesy, Fenix, Rob Vicious, and Master Kato), Drakeo The Ruler, Ralfytheplug, Ketchup The Great the rest of the Stink Team and 03 Greedo just to name a few. The man behind some of your favorite songs by these rappers is know other than rising Watts producer Ron Ron. Along with producing for the rappers listed above he also has produced for AD, Rocketdagoon, Maxo Kream and most recently produced almost all of Shoreline Mafia’s debut mixtape SHORELINEDOTHATSHIT.

Photo: ShotbyRobo

This is just the start for Ron Ron and as Shoreline’s buzz continues to grow you’ll just start hearing more of him. He’s ushering in a new sound in LA and if you’re not familiar with it you will be soon. Check out our interview with the Watts representer below.

How old are you?

  • 21 years old

Where are you from?

  • Watts, CA

How long have you been producing?

  • Since 13 years old

What’s the dopest thing that happened to you since you been making music and releasing product?

  • I started making money from my music that would be the dopest thing and to know people love your sound is another dope thing about doing music also.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

  • P Diddy & Dr. Dre

Want to give any shout outs? 

  • Yea shout out my hitmob members & my drummer gang, stink team & shoreline mafia niggas

What is something about you people would be surprised to know?

  • I love eating recess & in the future, I wanna have my own line of glasses

What’s your process of making beats?

  •  I always start off with a melody

What do your beats normally cost?

  • 2k for the exclusives I don’t do leases no more

Any story or stories on how you secured any of your placements?

  • Hell yea , lol my Stink Team placement lol it all started with Ralfytheplug “Flex Them Benjis” song, me and my boy kJsantana made the beat, and then we sent it to Ralfy and he recorded it at somebody else’s stu and the shit was sounding trash so I told him to come re-record it at my house and it was my first time meeting bro. So I tell him to come to the stu we re-record “Flex Them Benjis” and I think we made another song I can’t think of at the time but after he was done he left and came back knocking on my door because he got robbed in front of my house and thought I had something to do with it, so he wasn’t fucking with me for a min after that. If that was me I would’ve thought the same shit too, but that’s how Ralfy and I got together and then, later on, I started meeting the Stink team.

What hardware or software do you use?

  • Fl studio ( Fruity Loops )

How many leases or beats you think u sold in your career?

  • Sheesh, probably a coo 600 beats so far.

What are your plans 2018?

  • To takeover the city of Los Angeles, and to start my own studio company and be the man of United States

Do you receive royalties for any of your beats?

  • Yea I do for everything I put out now!

Questions By: Curated Flame